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Independent code-mods + Open JK?


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Is this possible? Without having to release a new version of the mod everytime OpenJK is updated?


Like my SP mod ATM is depending on some OpenJK cvar bug fixes to run correctly, and I was thinking about having some code edits in the mod too. How would that work, or could it even work, that is besides taking the OpenJK source and compiling it with my mod's edited code?

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Technically, OpenJK mods are still compatible with base (to my knowledge, unless the playerstate was changed again), it's just not recommended that you use them with base because you can only have one SP code mod installed at the same time on base.


And even then, all you have to do is make a fork of OpenJK and pull for updates, it's not like updating the OpenJK version is a huge deal (unless you have a huge codebase already established)

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Well, the point of it would be code-mods on top of Open JK. As in, you can have Open JK or whatever else installed like normal, then maybe have your own mod .dll's overwrite a small portion of that code.


Basically, you could have multiple code mods installed at a time to some extent without having to splice them together manually into a new .dll file containing the appropriate code from both mods.

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No, not really. The game-code is the "mod" part (i.e. jampgame, cgame, ui) and the engine is jamp/jampDed.

You can run the OpenJK engine with JA+ gamecode with no issues.

You can run any engine with the JA+ gamecode and a vmMain/syscall proxy-mod intercepting some code between engine<->gamecode. It doesn't run in parallel, and you can't combine e.g. JA+ and clanmod. The proxy mod is a heavily stripped down piece of code to intercept e.g. a few commands. It can not interact with the existing gamecode, it's very limited in what it can do.

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