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focking goddom linker error

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K, so here's the rub. I'm trying to essentially turn cgDC/uiInfo.uiDC into a namespace, as opposed to being a giant glob of function pointers.

The definition for the namespace functions is held in ui_devicecontext.cpp, which is included by both cgame and game. The namespace is declared within ui_devicecontext.h, which is included by all the files which make use of the namespace.


Here's the code: http://slexy.org/raw/s209ji5Xoe


Anyway...yeah, the problem is that the linker barfs over this.


Error 4 error LNK2005: "bool (__cdecl* DisplayContext::FeederSelection)(float,int,struct itemDef_s *)" (?FeederSelection@DisplayContext@@3P6A_NMHPAUitemDef_s@@@ZA) already defined in ui_atoms.obj E:\Code Projects\Github\JKGDevs\OpenJK\codemp\ui\ui_devicecontext.obj

Error 48 error LNK2005: "bool (__cdecl* DisplayContext::FeederSelection)(float,int,struct itemDef_s *)" (?FeederSelection@DisplayContext@@3P6A_NMHPAUitemDef_s@@@ZA) already defined in ui_atoms.obj E:\Code Projects\Github\JKGDevs\OpenJK\codemp\ui\ui_main.obj

Error 92 error LNK2005: "bool (__cdecl* DisplayContext::FeederSelection)(float,int,struct itemDef_s *)" (?FeederSelection@DisplayContext@@3P6A_NMHPAUitemDef_s@@@ZA) already defined in ui_atoms.obj E:\Code Projects\Github\JKGDevs\OpenJK\codemp\ui\ui_saber.obj

ad nauseum for each function call


btw, I'm calling them like this:



DisplayContext::FeederSelection(blah, blah, blah);
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Generally you should wrap the source file in namespace DisplayContext { } as well like you do in the header file. It's not common (and therefore confusing) to define namespaced functions like you do there.

Makes no difference either way on the linking errors.

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Pragma once in a .cpp file won't do anything :P

Yea, that was mostly for test purposes, I didn't think it would really do anything (then again, Raven includes .cpp files, so anything is possible!). Just being extra cautious.


^^ for header files, also I prefer #ifndef's, but pragma once works too.

#ifndef header guards are gcc compatible, therefore compliant with unix. #pragma once is MSVC-specific. Like I said though, that was mostly for test purposes and will be removed at some point.

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Got another one for you...


Game crashes due to an assertion failure:


Assertion Failed!

vector iterators not compatible


Checking the lines, it's in SV_Baseline, right at the end:



sv.svEntities[entnum].baseline = svent->s;


The confusing part of this is that they're the exact same damn type, so how could the vector contained within be of a different iterator type? Confusing.


Hitting ignore on the assertion leads to another one, which says something along the lines of "C++ standard library undefined behavior", hitting it again results in a "jkgalaxies.x86.exe has tripped a fatal error", which I noted as having odd text compared to the regular unhandled exceptions.

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Right. As I've noted, it's ps->inventory/s->inventory causing problems.


They're both of type Inventory.

class Inventory
   std::vector<InventoryItemInstance*> items;

I think one possible solution to this problem would be to overload the = operator and properly copy the vectors (instead of them apparently having different iterators, which makes no sense at all because they're exactly the same type).


I think technically speaking this is one way to reproduce it:

std::vector<int> blah;
std::vector<int> blah2;


blah2 = blah;
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