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Progress Report: December 2022


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Happy new year! I hope you've all had a great holiday season. There's a few things to go over so let's get started!


On December 28th, we released an update seeing to an overall improvement to several menus in the mod. To be perfectly honest, this was not an update that should've taken so long, but this was a very painful update that nobody enjoyed working on. However, it was a necessary step to be taken.

We understand that this update has no new content, and I do sincerely apologize for that, and I want our next one to be overflowing with content!

Currently, we do not have a Mac or Linux build available, due to unforeseen compilation errors. We're currently looking into the cause and hope to have builds available as soon as possible.


Our mapper Lwkill has been hard at work these past few months on some passion projects of his own. We're really looking forward to bringing these to you.

The Executor


Venator Bridge


Deathstar II Hangar Bay



Since our last few updates have been rather lackbuster in terms of new content, and we've also gone silent on a few previous announcements. So I'm just going to give you a roadmap for our next update.

- Operation: Knightfall remake (for real this time!)
- Father vs. Son remake
- All-new characters!
- More?????


For a large portion of Galactic Legacy's time, we've constantly been teasing and showing off screenshots of the long-awaited Operation: Knightfall remake. But we have yet to deliver, we've said we're in "Final testing", we're "close to being done" but over a year later there has been no sign of this mission.

What's been going on? The answer is complicated, and to answer it fully would require me to divulge personal information. What I will say however is that our development has been held up due to a number of minor (but important) bugs that we want to iron out. The author has been unable to complete this so I will be taking over for this update, and will not stop until the mission is completed.

This update WILL. NOT. RELEASE. without Operation: Knightfall. You all have waited long enough.


On the other end of the spectrum, what about Father vs. Son? Progress is being made on the mission, only held up as I focused on fixing up the update we've just released. Now that we can continue work on the mission, everything should be moving forward at some point.

Plans for this remake will be expanded beyond making a whole new mission. But the overall structure of the mission will be changed. We will also be introducing our first ever customizable mission, to allow you to experience the mission the way that you want to play it.

The special editions of the original trilogy have been met with controversy over the years, and Return of the Jedi's finale has been met with a few changes that have sparked MAJOR controversy. The first change was replacing Sebastian Shaw's Force Ghost during the ending celebration with Hayden Christensen. Though this is a change I personally like, I understand that some prefer the original. The second change was making Darth Vader yell "NO!" right before he throws Emperor Palpatine to his (supposed) death. This was a change I personally do not like at all.

So being introduced with this mission will be the opportunity for you all to choose these minor cosmetic things to let you enjoy the mission the way that you want to enjoy it. I'll also be introducing similar customization options in the future provided it's appropriate.

I will provide more details on the mission itself as development continues.


Another mission we've neglected to talk about recently is our Deathstar Rescue mission. We released the 1st cutscene a long time ago, then failed to talk about it.

Unfortunately this was a case of me getting distracted by other projects I've promised before.

No progress has been made on this since its last mention in a progress report. This project has been put on hold for the foreseeable future as we work to tackle these other projects. The immediate plan as of right now will be to resume work on this mission once this update is completed.


2022 has been a difficult year overall with the realization of many broken promises and lack of any real meaningful content. But we have a plan in store to make 2023 a great year. We hope to make this year the best year for Galactic Legacy, and we hope that you'll be with us every step of the way.

Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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