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Progress Report: October 2022


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Hope you all had a great October! Let's get started!


This month, all efforts were focused on the Character and NPC menus, and aside from some bugs needing fixing, the menus are very close to completion! Taking inspiration from the Galaxy of Heroes mobile game, we were able to code the menu to better display the character, and for Jedi and Sith alike, coded them to hold their respective sabers. Another cool thing is that now the Character and NPC menu will now share the same menu! Thus saving space!

Additionally, thanks to the wonderful people at JK:Enhanced, we have also implemented the ability to manually spin around your respective character from any horizontal angle! We also coded a new feeder system so we no longer have to take up precious Menu memory space on manually inserting every single character skin, and they'll now be automatically added. Anyone wishing to modify the menu for themselves will also receive this benefit!

Furthermore, we streamlined the UI and code a bit more to make accessing customization options and using them much more user friendly and engine friendly. Maybe prior CVARs coded for the NPC Free Choice System back at the mod's launch back in 2020 have seen to a major redesign. Though you, the player, may not notice anything, those of you in our community that have peeked at our source code may notice a few changes!

Finally, we're introducing Lightsaber customization to the character menu! A heavily requested feature, taken from the NPC Free Choice System, you will now be able to modify your character's lightsaber to your liking, with a live display of the elegant weapon being held by your favorite character!

Please note that these screenshots are from a current dev build so many things are in the works to be changed.

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 32 26

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 32 40

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 33 34


Another element we're introducing to the Character and NPC menu is better Faction Organization. Many characters were introduced to certain factions and could make it fairly difficult to find your a character you were looking for. To better organize everything (and to allow for the potential for new factions in the future!), the faction selection section of the menu has been expanded to include many other factions in the Star Wars universe!

New Factions being recognized are the following:

  • Darth Revan's Sith Empire
  • Brotherhood of the Sith
  • Ancient Sith Empire
  • Rule of Two Sith
  • New Republic
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Imperial Remnant
  • Fel's Empire
  • Darth Krayt's Empire
  • Sith Eternal
  • Hutt Cartel
  • Black Sun
  • Crimson Dawn/Shadow Collective
  • Independent Criminals (Renamed from Criminals)
  • Yuuzhan Vong
  • Death Watch
  • Clan Skirata
  • Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders
  • Nightsisters
  • Revanites
  • Eternal Alliance
  • Eternal Empire
  • Jedi Order
  • Sith Order
  • Creatures

I understand that this may lead to some concern regarding the potential of even more files to download, and that installation will be an even bigger hassle with more files to keep track of. We have thought about this and have taken steps to make this impact as small as possible, deciding to treat the main pk3s as an overall generalization for characters. The following is a list of changes that will be made:

  • Two new Faction pk3s will be introduced, JEDI_SITH; for Jedi and Sith Order characters (including the custom Jedi and Sith), and OTHER (for all other factions).
  • The FORCE_USERS faction will be removed, and publicly released as an empty pk3 file. All factions previously in

Furthermore, there are other changes that will be made regarding character re-assignments. Though some changes may be obvious, I will also list some characters that will be given new factions in the next update:

  • Darth Maul's Sith variation has been moved from Separatist Alliance to Rule of Two Sith
  • Maul's criminal/Rebels variations have been moved from Separatist Alliance to Crimson Dawn
  • Savage Opress has been moved from Separatist Alliance to Crimson Dawn/Shadow Collective
  • Talon Karrde has been moved from Criminals to New Republic (currently not pictured in the below screenshots)
  • Ren has been moved from First Order to Crimson Dawn
  • Gault Rennow, HK-55, and Nico Okarr have been moved from Criminals/Civilians to Eternal Alliance
  • And more! (Full list coming later)

Here are some screenshots! Again, please note that these screenshots are from a current dev build so many things are in the works to be changed (such as "Choose your Side" likely being removed)

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 33 52

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 33 59

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 34 09

SWGL SP x86 2022 11 01 15 34 15



It's been a busy month, and the work isn't quite finished yet, but we are close! We're still looking at other possible features we would like to include (controller support????), but for now we're making some steady progress.

After this is completed, production on the Father vs. Son remake will continue (FOR REAL THIS TIME!).

THank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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