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Set a default playermodel in JKA

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Hi, it's a little doubt, before I had how to do this but since I changed computers I lost the tutorial on how to do it, could you help me to achieve that?

Does anyone know how to put a default playermodel (example: Kyle as default Playermodel in JK: O) in JKA?

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I recently discovered that these modifications are made from jaconfig.cfg, but I don't know if in this same file I can start the category of an NPC by default as playermodel, for example, I modified this file and by default I start with Kyle's playermodel and its characteristics from NPC, will any of you know if that is possible in jaconfig.cfg?

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Well I've made progress with the jaconfig, but my character is having the texture error, it can't seem to find the character's skin but if it does get its model, I'll leave my jaconfig text snippet here: 

seta g_char_model "kyle"
seta g_char_skin_head "model_default"
seta g_char_skin_torso "model_default"
seta g_char_skin_legs "model_default"

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