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Progress Report: July 2021

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Thank you all for looking at this progress report, this was a great month for the mod! We hope to have more exciting things for our next update!


Our last update released in late-July for the most part was a big success, but was missing a number of features intended or introduced a few bugs. This week we will be looking into releasing a small mini-update to address such things as:

- Add the new force powers to the controls menu so they can be bound
- Add the ability to enable or disable npcs using the new force powers
- Add the ability to enable or disable npcs using Force Absorb (or make less frequent)
- Implement the Empire model changes previously mentioned in the last update's patch notes but didn't make it in.
- Prevent NPCs from blocking force lightning with their lightsabers
- Fix some balancing issues with the new force powers.

This should be released by Friday, August 13th, possibly sooner provided everything goes smoothly.


We held a community feedback a few months ago and results were very interesting. One question we asked is "What would you like for us to focus on next"? The majority have spoken, and the top 2 responses were: More missions, and manual blocking.

We will take this information to heart and so for this next major update, we will be looking into bringing in more missions, manual blocking, and we will also push to bring out Multiplayer as soon as possible!


The following are missions you can expect to see in the next update:

- Episode VI: Father vs. Son (Remaster)
- Episode IV: Deathstar Rescue
- Episode III: The End of the Clone Wars


The following are missions we're aiming to bring to the next update, but are not finalized at this time:

- Episode III: Operation: Knightfall (Remaster, Anakin POV only)
- Episode II: Confronting the Count
- Episode I: Ambush on Tatooine
- Episode VIII: The Last Jedi


This mission is currently under active development but has a lot of work left to do. Currently our plan is to bring in a Luke Skywalker POV, and Ben Kenobi POV. Our mapper Wettergren has worked hard and created an amazing map allowing you to traverse the Empire's ultimate weapon as these characters. As Luke, you will be tasked with rescuing Princess Leia and then escaping the battle station. As Ben, you must sneak your way through the Death Star and find a way to deactivate the tractor beam holding the Millenium Falcon in place.

As our first non-duel and (sort of) non-Jedi/Sith mission, we aim to make this experience as entertaining as possible, introducing stealth mechanics and new puzzles so the experience is not entirely linear.

As I close, I'd invite all of you to check out some development screenshots of the mission, and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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