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Unknown image for icon_default?

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Hey all,

I've been adjusting some previously made models and adding botfiles, sound, improved skin, improved icon images etc... Anyways, I've noticed some models don't use the icon_default image in their model folders and instead create their own image of the model itself in a t-pose. Why is this? And how do I make it rely on the icon_default instead? Any help here would be hot. Meesa muy muy confused. Okieday?

...ok I'll stop... Thanks in advance for any help!

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There might be something wrong with your icon_default image that prevents it from being loaded. Common mistakes include using unsupported image sizes (width and height must be powers of two) or enabling progressive mode for JPEGs.

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mrwonko??? You're like a celebrity! Thanks for responding. The size doesn't seem to be an issue with these few examples I've noticed. Would you elaborate on enabling progressive mode?


Also I just came across another model that doesn't use icon_default but another image entirely... an image that isn't anywhere that I can find in the model folder! Super strange. I have no idea how it would even refer to any other image other than icon_default. Let me know!

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When you save a jpeg in an image editor, there's often a checkbox called "progressive", which must not be checked.

The icon is probably treated like any other texture, which means you can also write a shader for it. Check the shaders of those models that use a different image, I suspect they have one for icon_default.

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Good idea. But one (the one that has an image of a t-pose) doesn't have any shaders in the file. And the other (that refers to the random image) has a shader but it's only for lighting effects for the model's legs. Any other ideas? This is frustrating me so much! How could something get a random image that exists nowhere in the file???

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Gasp! I think I found out why. It appears there are conflicting images with the same folder names that it is trying to draw from both. Like it creates the model from one folder, then the icon from another. I have found the issue with 1 of 2 images. I'm still searching for the 2nd. I think its the same problem though! Thanks for the help mrwonko! I hope this helps others with the same stupid problem. So simple...

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