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Sound file size limit?

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Hey all,

I've been messing around with sound files for characters but noticed there seem to be a limit on the size/ quality of sound files. Does anyone actually know the limit exactly? It seems to be dependent on whether it is a music file for a map or sound bite for a character. I have been messing around with limiting the size with various free online websites that reduce the size, adjust the volume etc but I was hoping someone would know the exact specs on the size limits... Lemme know!

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On 5/28/2021 at 9:51 AM, Circa said:

As far as I know there is no size limit, only format/sample rate/bitrate, etc. I did my best to list them out here:


So I've been doing some experimenting and it would seen either JA++ OpenJK, or just the base game have additional requirements to music audio. I'm still experimenting but I've got a stereo, 44100hz, 32bit mp3 that works and another stereo, 44100hz, 32bit mp3 that doesn't. So confusing. I'll let you know if I discover anything!

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