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Mixing Glm models

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Hello ppl!  I'm getting desperate with glm models and could use a hand... The idea is to import glm stuff to 3ds Max, merge with other models and export back. So, I've managed to create a custom Katarn model with several head options from different models. Things were going well until I banged into the model of TFU pilot Luke (the one from Movie Duels). It was set to specific gla model and wasn't compatible with jk multiplayer. So, I opened it in 3ds Max, exported back with default humanoid gla and it solved one problem... But all weapons are reversed 180 now! no idea why...




Another failed attempt was in mixing lower sets with 2 models. It looks good in 3ds max, but it's awful in jk... I tend to believe it's because of different core root models. Any tips?




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Hey @Rvix,

two answers for two problems:

The first is likely due to a bug in the importer, it seems to have reordered the vertices in the tags which can cause this behaviour. Flipping the normals on tags using a normal modifier and checking the flip option might do the trick already.

If it doesn't I can send you a script (later, after work) that generates a fresh set of tags in the proper orientation and links them to the model - provided the naming conventions recommended for jka models are held true by it.

For the other issue, that looks like non-zero'd transforms. Is the pivot set to 0,0,0 and aligned to world? And is the object scale at 100,100,100?

Feel free to @me for any 3ds max related questions

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@Rvix @AshuraDX

So I imported the original Luke .GLM asset using the GLM importer for 3ds Max 2019.  I then re-exported using the GLM exporter.  Below are the ModView screenshots of the original game asset versus the import-export version.  The bolts match.  Therefore I can only assume that--  either the bolts were modified by the original author... or perhaps the .GLM file was created using the Blender exporter and perhaps the Blender exporter messes up the bolts.  You also have to ensure that you are properly resetting transforms on imported objects when merging models, re-parenting, etc.  But I do not believe this is a 3ds Max plugin issue.  Thanks.




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