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Model has 79 of surfaces, but only 94 of them are connected

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So I've run into the most feared of Blender error messages! Once the kitbashing is complete, no matter the base I use, it gives me an error.

Presently I'm trying to kitbash Plasma's head onto a Haplash base. I can't post any screens of the textures or bash until I'm done getting permissions, however it uses the Gale face and neck.

The error is as follows; Model has 79 of Surfaces, but only 94 of them are connected up through the hierarchy, the rest will never be recursed into. This model needs rebuilding, guys...

I've run into it before but have yet to find a solution beyond choosing another base and hoping for the best. However, if I can find someone who knows Blender and how to deal with this that would be appreciated!

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17 minutes ago, Jeff said:

Search through the hierarchy and anything that has ".001" at the end is the problem. Most likely you have duplicate names for parts.

I will do so, but I usually check that first. At this point, Plasma’s model had about 4 heads for the one piece of Poe’s head.

having removed the haplash head, I now need to bind all four heads to a single torso instead of torso_1-4.

would that affect anything?

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On 3/9/2021 at 4:48 AM, mrwonko said:

Please share a screenshot of the hierarchy in the outliner in Blender with everything expanded. There might be disconnected pieces.

I don't think duplicate names are an error case I ever considered, I don't know what will happen in that case, I've made a note to investigate some day.

So I discovered the issue.

The hierarchy was alright and the pieces were all linked together. The error was caused due to the fact that each individual head was for separate torsos that were divided using the skin file.

Originally, I’d bound all these heads (head1 to head4) on the same torso - which is why it gave me that error in modview.

So, by simply selecting only one version of the head and hair, I easily replaced the existing head. 

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