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Programming emergent npc behavior through scripting

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So I'm interested in emergent properties that NPC's might find themselves in as they walk the map and bump into each other. So far I'm using a network of waypoints and I have the npc's spawnscript spawn a wander script

The script is very simple and I suck at it.


//Generated by BehavEd

rem ( "comment" );

What I'm interested is programming into the script a certain level of randomness, or perhaps two or more factions that wander the map and intermingle, resulting in a firefight.

Would anyone be able to help me with this


Many thanks 







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Randomness does indeed exist within the commands: through IF and ELSE commands. 

For this you'll most likely need 3 tasks (each task = with a command to change behaviour "set"), like Task1, Task2, Task3.
And then the lines such as these ones:


if ( $random( 0, 1 )$, $<$, 0.340 )
  do ( "task1" );
  wait ( "task1" );

else (  )

  if ( $random( 0, 1 )$, $<$, 0.510 )
    do ( "task2" );
    wait ( "task2" );

  else (  )
    do ( "task3" );
    wait ( "task3" );


In this case the game would Run one of the three tasks randomly.
You'll have to experiments with numbers (instead of 0.340, 0.510) in order to achieve the result you want.


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On 1/26/2021 at 7:15 PM, quakefreed said:

Great, can you tell me for example what tasks they should do? Sorry when I open behaveED I am lost. 

Start with Affect (enter the name of your NPC – his NPC_targetname in the map), add tasks (give them names too), and then add (set < E "set_types">, <str>) line inside them. One such line is responsible for one option (task, action, etc). When you've added this line to your script – double click on the 'set'.

By default it would offer you to use SET_PARM1 which is set to DEFAULT. Click on SET_PARM1 and look through the whole list of commands there. Most options have a short description. Don't forget to press [Re-Evaluate] button in order to see the specifics of each option.



(you can change now the level of this Force power from 0 to 1-2-3)

(usually used for NPC enemies, so this command will make the character feel angry towards a specific NPC in your map. Change NULL to a targetname from GTKRadiant, like 'Freddy', for instance)


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