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Removing a stance mod

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I have a very specific build of Openjk, and uninstalling the game is just not something I want to do. However I have on a stance mod that I am tired of using. It's not a bad mod, but the blocking animations are buggy, so I just don't want it anymore. Anytime I remove the pk3 file from my game, everyone ends up in a T pose. Mind you this has led to some fun memes, but it's far from the desired effect. What would be a good way to revert my game back to the original animations without a full reinstall?

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@bigphil2695 are you loading from a save file? You should be able to reload whatever map you were on from the first autosave it made for that map and load fine. If not, just try reloading the map you were on in the console with the map command.


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