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How To Increase Force abilities range ???

Darth Darth

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Hello Guys, I am trying to just have fun and be ultimately powerful in the JKJA so I installed  a mod that gives me unlimited force. I cranked all my force powers to max at the start of the game how ever I am absolutely disgusted by the limited range of the force powers were in order for the force push or pull for example you need to be in with in a certain range of an enemy for the force powers to work and not when I directly see the enemy. I want to know how I can tweak that because I was not be able to find a mod that achieves that for me. Please advise me on what files I should edit in game, specific values, and what program I should use.  

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The force powers work fine maybe is a problem with the mod or anticheat feature (like you arent allowed to have level 3 abilities until you are a jedi master) game resets all the skill after certain points to the ones you are able to get at that point (if you passed 4 missions you can only have 4 points of secondary force powers)

Besides what is your complain if you want the battlefront style stuff of one hit one kill or the force unleashed stuff you are playing the wrong game,force powers are fine they don't work on jedi or sith is normal but in others you can be far away  and they work.

Movie duels have the stuff you want (probably?) one hit one kill,force powers kill you at distance and AI is cranked up a lot the makers of the mod went far awy in making the player piss off trying to recreate the Battlefront style (not a bad player myself,passed lot of missions without damage thought maybe was a bug but nope i was good yet died a lot on movie duels after just one hit of lighting or being stabbed with the lightsaber)

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