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  1. I have lever 3 abilities I use cheats and the force works just fine but I want to be able to have more range with it like Shoot lightning a cross the whole room
  2. Like am I seriously the only person who ever waned that, Like Am I the only person thinks that force powers range is to limited (WERE YOU HAVE TO LITTERLY BE 2 centimetres away from enemy for the abilities to affect enemies)
  3. Hello Guys, I am trying to just have fun and be ultimately powerful in the JKJA so I installed a mod that gives me unlimited force. I cranked all my force powers to max at the start of the game how ever I am absolutely disgusted by the limited range of the force powers were in order for the force push or pull for example you need to be in with in a certain range of an enemy for the force powers to work and not when I directly see the enemy. I want to know how I can tweak that because I was not be able to find a mod that achieves that for me. Please advise me on what files I should edit in game, specific values, and what program I should use.
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