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New here and making a star wars game :)

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Hi let me start by saying how much i love the old jedi knight games. So much so I am trying to remake the game on my own in unreal engine 4. 

As such and having been to this site may times over the years I only now join the community and want to share my progress and maybe even get a little feed back. (and if there and ue4 devs here came say hi lol).

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Good luck in your project pal. 

Your screenshoot looking more or less good, ofcource the project needs alot more work, but it's a good and solid start anyway. 

I'm looking forward to see more of your work, but to be honest, nothing personal, and I don't ment to demotivate or offend you, but I don't think you gonna finish it. I just trying to be realistic. Recreating something like JA, there is too much work for one person, who do it in his free time as a hobby.

To be honest I been thinking about something like your project too. As I suppose alot people been thinking about something like that. I came to idea, how to save alot of time of development, and actually make such project more or less possible to finish. Thats wery simple. You just need to use all assets from JA. I mean models, textures, animations, sounds etc. Obiasly that would be alot easier, than recreating all those assets, doesn't it? Unfortinaly, sharing assets from JA would be kinda illegaly for sure. But I guess there is a way to use those assets and not act illegaly. You need to make a auto-converter tool for those models to work with UE4. That way player would need to own a copy of JA in order to play your game. He would need to open this converter tool, locate it to JA data folder, and the tool will reorganize game assets in order to work with your JA game. I'm like 99% sure it's possible to create such tool, but I have no idea how hard it is. But even if it is possible to create such tool you would still need to teach this tool how to handle and what to do with each specific resource. That would take quete a time too. I guess it's still easier than recreating those assets from scratch, but I'm not sure. Anyway, even if you get all those assets, you would still need to do alot work, but that' s closer to amought of work one person can do in his free time, in couple of years i guess.

And yeah, don't forget about the elefant in the room, there is an ip problem anyway. The way i see it, if you making a star wars project of any kind Disney can basicly shut you down anytime they want, and there is nothing you can do about it. So if you manage to drow atention to your game, chances are disney gonna shut you down. You know the way they did with aperion. Legally, they would be right anyway, cause you using their ip. But it would hurt you bad anyway. Imagine, work that you literally spend years of your life to make, gets in one moment shut down by megacorp. Such stuff can really depress a person.

But all that might not matter, im just thinking loud. Anyway the skills you will learn during development of your project are valuable by itself. It might be more important to learn how to work in unreal than to actually finish the project. I'm glad to see something like your project anyway, and looking forward to see more, even if the project never will be finished. So I wish you luck again, and keep it up.

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Looks awesome! Just be aware that making a new game using an existing protected IP can get you shut down with a C&D. What other projects are doing is to name their project and any related things inside it nothing to do with Star Wars, and then have a free unofficial mod that changes it all into Star Wars to be how you want. Still a grey area, but can probably work. As soon as you make enough progress and gain enough followers, Lucasfilm will notice pretty quickly.

I wish you luck though.


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Yes I have thought about being C&C'ed and also looked into but not in any grate depth as of yet looking to tie all the asset's to og copy of the game making my game a mod of sorts. I have all assets for both outcast and academy but they are very hard to work with. But even tho the time frame is vast on my own I already have a couple game play machinic down (E.G Saber attack based on direction input, same for blocking. Force pull and push. Blasters working (E11 only atm) 

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I'm a fan already! Gotto say that looks great! What a good looking project! Congrats! The character is perfect. Great job on that! And I like your scrubs and bushes! 


Some of my tips would be that I recommend finishing the core gameplay mechanics first. If you haven't finished the core gameplay drop everything you are doing, and start working on that and noodle it until it is done. To the point where you go, yes... this is fun! Because in the end it's about that! 


 Every core mechanic you need to make one level like that yavin training grounds should be on your to do list and a priority over anything else. Use a testing map to test our all your mechanics and then import them into your regular project. Yavin training grounds is a great pick if you ask me, because all the core mechanics are "trained" at in that level. All force powers except darkside, pushable objects, a bot that can fight you what not. But you know this! Why am I saying this!? :D If you have finished the core with placeholders, you can easily polish the game later and add more levels even (lets go nuts!). It's always going to be an itterative process, but the gameplay core should be reasonably finished in the beginning quickly.

From what I can see it looks very polished already! Amazing job.... 


Looking forward to seeing more! 


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