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  1. Yes I have thought about being C&C'ed and also looked into but not in any grate depth as of yet looking to tie all the asset's to og copy of the game making my game a mod of sorts. I have all assets for both outcast and academy but they are very hard to work with. But even tho the time frame is vast on my own I already have a couple game play machinic down (E.G Saber attack based on direction input, same for blocking. Force pull and push. Blasters working (E11 only atm)
  2. Hi let me start by saying how much i love the old jedi knight games. So much so I am trying to remake the game on my own in unreal engine 4. As such and having been to this site may times over the years I only now join the community and want to share my progress and maybe even get a little feed back. (and if there and ue4 devs here came say hi lol).
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