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Enemy Targeting

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First post so take it easy on me. I’d really like to get this one in the modders suggestion sub but this will do for now.
I’m not a huge fan of the JKA port for Switch & PS4, but one thing they did that I really like is enemy lock-on targeting. Does that exist in any current mod? If not, might that be a feature in which people would be interested? 

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As far as I know, on PC that only exists as a "Hack" called Autoaim. Naturally, being a cheat, it is very much looked down upon... So I'm not sure anyone here would be interested, although obviously I don't speak for everyone.

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Thank you for responding, NAB622. What I’m looking for is a Zelda-esque approach to lightsaber combat. I’m looking forward to trying Evolution of Combat. Perhaps that will be closer to what I’m looking for. Or...a modded could just do what they’ve done on PS4 & Switch ?

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