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how many to conquer ?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this topic, I'm sorry if this is the wrong one,

but I really got to know, I can't find the answer to this question

How many imperial star destroyers would I need to conquer just one planet or star system ?

an how many to conquer 3 planets or star systems ?

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Just my two cents: Since you only said conquer, not destroy, surely how much firepower a character would need would depend upon what kind of planetary defences they were up against? I.e. Conquering Coruscant would be a completely different sport to conquering Dantooine. So with that said I guess it depends on what scenario you're looking to put together. ?

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If you're conquering Dantooine, then 1.

If you're conquering Alderaan, then 10.

If you're conquering Coruscant, then 100.

You can expect to see varying levels of defense on each system. To conquer an entire solar system, assuming no more ships are added from start to finish to replace potentially lost ones, I'd say it depends. There are some 50 million solar systems in the Star Wars galaxy, so if you want to conquer the most advanced one, say one with a planet like Coruscant, maybe 500 or so?

The empire had a total of around 25,000 star destroyers at their peak. The least advanced systems could probably have been taken with just 1.

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what if I wanted to conquer Onderon planet/system along with all its moons, during the Galactic Empire days or in the year 15-16 ABY ? 

would one imperial star destroyer suffice or is it in the class of Alderaan that I would need 10 ? 

sorry if it sounds noob, Onderon isn't talked that much & SWTOR Onslaught didn't help much

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