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Illudia Fox

Returned to JKA! Former BaseJKA 1.00 Player & Roleplayer

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Hello JKHUB!

I'm Illudia, formerly known as Vanatul in the BaseJKA community & Deidara in the Final Fantasy roleplaying community. I've played this game for long periods of time during the mid to late 2000s and have been on and off intermittently in recent years. I recently came back inspired by the release of the Rise of Skywalker movie & decided that it would be time to return to JKA once again ahead of the switch release. Currently, I have launched the JK3Warriors project which aims to bring back some life back into Jedi Academy Multiplayer. We promote casual & competitive gameplay while aiming to make the game more accessible to newer players that want to learn. We have already hosted JA+ & BaseJKA tournaments on my twitch channel with commentary, and it's delightfully chaotic ❤️

Besides Star Wars, I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy and Star Trek scenes. I'm proud to be a part of the furry fandom, though I'm no artist, my profile picture is probably the only good thing I was able to draw of my fursona lol. Looking to forge new friendships here, sometimes Jedi Academy can be an extremely toxic place and I'd like to really change that. Don't be afraid to reach out to me, my pronouns are his/him and I'm LGBT friendly.

Former Clans & Communities:
Organization XIII {XIII} (1.00), Ninja Academy <|NIN|> (1.00), Knights of Alexandria {AX} (1.00) , aZure Clan, Team {Nub}, Omniscient Empire (=OE=), Old JK3Warriors (×WindClan×)
Final Fantasy Universe RP, Final Fantasy Revamped RP,  Nexus? (Bleach RP?)

Discord = Illudia#5026
Twitch = twitch.tv/illudia

Illudia J Fox

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DEI DEI!!!!!! It's me, Shido. How have you been? It's been such a long time! I haven't really kept up with JKA since we closed on FFRevamped, but not a day goes by that I haven't thought of our old community. Miss you bud, added you on Discord!

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