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  1. × JK3Warriors × Promoting Casual & Competitive JKA Multiplayer Socials: Challonge, Discord, YouTube, Twitter We're a community of players that aims to bring some life back into the multiplayer community. Jedi Academy, is still one of the more unique lightsaber combat experiences that is available in the market today. It has inspired games like Hanako, Blade Symphony and the upcoming Vertex fan project. We host a variety of lightsaber fighting tournaments and so far, we have hosted three JA+ dueling tournaments & one BaseJKA TFFA tournament! Feel free to check out our YouTube ch
  2. Hello JKHUB! I'm Illudia, formerly known as Vanatul in the BaseJKA community & Deidara in the Final Fantasy roleplaying community. I've played this game for long periods of time during the mid to late 2000s and have been on and off intermittently in recent years. I recently came back inspired by the release of the Rise of Skywalker movie & decided that it would be time to return to JKA once again ahead of the switch release. Currently, I have launched the JK3Warriors project which aims to bring back some life back into Jedi Academy Multiplayer. We promote casual & competitive
  3. Probably the wrong forum... Was just looking for some old models that might be lying around. Does anyone have the ported KH2Weapons pack & DAoC Dragonslayer weapons as well as the ported Crisis Core Models & KH2's Marluxia model?
  4. Welcome back to JKA. -[KR]- Server would also be a good place to go to and they have admins that strictly enforce no laming & inappropriate language.
  5. There's not a way I know of unless you're in game. I bind a key to noclip and open up a map in cheats. I'll zoom far far away turn off noclip as I free fall and deactivate and activate my lightsaber for the sound effect. If you hear the sound effects then you're good. Write down the coordinates. I recommend Bobas Utility to help get the coordinate you need
  6. It's worth a shot. I'll give it a try thanks EDIT: Has anyone had success in importing a bspmodel on FFA4?
  7. So I've done a little playtesting. For some reason the clip brushes are behaving normally now.... However there are three specific "shaders" that cause my character to freak out and it appears to be on obsidian walkways, office_supports & a vader floor. I can't seem to figure out the science behind it. While the two issues are linked to the same shader perhaps, the icy surface is still inconsistent. EDIT: The issue at hand is very inconsistent. They seem to switch between different brushes each restart? EDIT2: Seems like this is a normal glitch with importing bspmodels, never experienc
  8. My first issue seems to be inconsistent. There are areas certain clients seem to go into a spastic phase where your character goes from an idle to jump animation really fast when you're standing still. It's still within the "portaled void" so you can hear your lightsaber turning on and off. Theres nothing unusual about the area, no weird brushes over the area or anything. The glitch happens on top of a structural brush. The second issue I've encountered is certian areas of the map the ground behaves as if it was an icy surface or something. All of my clip brushes seem to behave that way, one
  9. No brushes are overlapping, right? Are they able to be passed through?
  10. Hi JKHub, So I'm currently working on a commons/bar-type area for my map and my intention is to actually port it into an mp/ffa3 and make it accessible by teleportation. I actually thought it'd be a cool idea to install a TV in there so I thought I'd work with misc_portal_surface and misc_portal_camera. I realize that system/portal doesn't actually work and I've stolen a shader file and modified it for use with the map. The surface and camera works fine when the map is accessed as it's own standalone map. However, when I access the map from mp/ffa3 the TV no longer works. I'm out of ideas and
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