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New things in the works


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3 hours ago, Starlord101 said:

Nice. Happy Holiday to all the team, too.

P/S: The assignment for NPC skins remind me about the original mod of JK. I hope you will provide us with the full command of all NPC skins inside the mod, without NPC's avatar, it would be hard to memorize all.


My worry to is that there are sooo many.

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4 hours ago, Maksman said:

My worry to is that there are sooo many.

There are never enough "Jedi fresh" for the Mutant Rancor. I am looking forward to adding more new Jedi NPCs to feed that monster ?.

The battle between Palpatine and Jedi Masters was my first self-made scenario when I played the original mod. It is so nostalgic now.

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