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Adding staff in SP

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Almost have no modding experience but am looking to edit the saber selection in SP. I wanted to add the function of selecting staves but not dual sabers at the beginning of making your character in SP. It's a very basic and simple request as I have done it before but have forgotten. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Figured it out!

Is it also possible to have the staff and more than one fighting style as well? Say I start with the staff initially, can I have not just the staff and medium style, but also heavy/fast after the fighting style upgrade on Hoth? Wondering if this would be located in the combat section of the saber.menu file.

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Not normally. The staff codes only let it have the one blade style and the dual blade style. 

You have two options though:

1: make multiple .sab files for the staff to have a fast/staff and strong/staff version too.

2: make a single saber out of the staff saber and then use the three styles with that.

Then you just bind keys to the sabers you want to use. have this with f9-f11. A Darth Maul staff set as a medium/staff, a staff made into a single saber, and another set up with it split into two sabers. 

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There is a 'condition', as far as I remember. The menu checks a certain 'state'.

For example, if it's = 10 or less only a single hilt is available. If it's 11 or more, than new hilt types are activated in the menu.
The only problem is that you have to search for this particular line of text in the MENU file of the Saber Menu and most likely simply remove it.

If you are making your own map, then you can make a script, which "declares state". For instance, if the Player checks upon certain area, the state is = 11, and after that a saber menu can be opened (via script) and all the sabers would be available. You can't change the condition, it's in the code. But you can change the "state" via scripting and even make, so that certain colors appear after state=20, while double bladed hilt appears after 10.


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