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KotF Mission Source Files

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During the past year, we have brought you 4 missions depicted events from the Star Wars films, Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars, with many more to come. When I began creating Duel of the Fates on Halloween 2017, I had to learn everything essentially from scratch. All I had to help me were the source files for a well-known Single Player mod for Jedi Academy, called Deception.


Creating maps of our favorite locations is amazing, creating and playing as our favorite characters helps us to immerse ourselves in our experience. But it is in my opinion that the true art of Jedi Academy's Single Player experience, is in the ability to create and share your own stories. I have noticed in the past several years, that mission designing is becoming a lost art. With the exception of Total Conversions like Movie Duels, Escape Yavin IV, and others, individually created levels have become lost with time, and I understand why.


Tutorials for level design are scarce, with very few opportunities to learn. All we have is the ability to learn from the past, and allow our imaginations to run wild. My releasing of the source files comes with the hope that you will have everything you need to learn, and to create your own rich, and engaging stories. From creating something as simple as a conversation between two characters, to recreating your favorite moments from the films, video games, TV shows, and even books. 


Packaged with this file is also everything you will need to compile entity modded maps, which is how every single mission for Knights of the Force thus far has been made. I will also leave a link to Jedi Academy's SDK, which has the tool you'll need in order to get started: BehavED.



I hope these files will prove educational to you, while our rule to refuse help with modding Knights of the Force remains intact, I invite all of you to send me a private message asking for help on scripting, and I will do my best to help all of you on your journey. Additionally, if you have a level you would like to show me, send it over as well, and I'll be more than happy to play it and let you know my honest opinions.


Thank you, and may the Force be with you.

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