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[Upcoming] JKGalaxies Phase 2

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This is a very heavily WIP list of what is going to be changed in this version. Some of it is still being designed as we speak.

Anything in RED is not complete.


Engine Overhaul

  • Added rd-rend2 as an option.
  • Redid the entire memory allocation system. It is much more centralized and can better track how the game is using memory.
  • Added perf_zone to monitor memory usage
  • Added perf_net to monitor network traffic
  • Improved the perf cvar to have more performance tracking options
  • Added dimensions. Servers can now have multiple maps loaded at once on different "dimensions" that clients can switch between. This allows for instances to occur.
  • Removed ICARUS scripting engine, replaced functionality with Lua.
  • HUD code migrated to Lua.
  • Added save system. For now players switch between different profiles (full login authentication service coming in Phase 4)
  • Much vestigial code removed (Old JKA NPC code = gone, vehicles = gone, ...)
  • Completely redid the AI systems.

New Features

  • Players can complete quests together in a hub world, and migrate out to dungeons.
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