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5th Community Scrimmage Match

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Hello everyone!  Its been a while since we've hosted a community event so we wanted to do something.  There've only been a few changes lately unfortunately due to the developers pretty limited schedules this season, but we thought it might be fun to test the new version and have some fun while we're at it.  We're planning on doing a match this Sunday Morning(12:00AM UTC time), click here to view the count down. 


We're still working on some last minute changes, but we'll put the download links up here on this initial post as soon as they're ready windows binaries are available!  Feel free to drop a comment if you're planning on coming, the more the merrier!  Let us know if you have any map requests or game mode ideas as well.  If you need to install JKG from scratch, just install v1.3.18 first and then patch using the binaries below.  You will also want to grab the map pack if you don't already have it.




Please note you need v1.3.18 installed before patching.

Windows Binaries (updated: 3/30/2019)

WinXP Binaries (updated: 3/30/2019 not working yet)

(Linux not available yet)

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Updated expired link.
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Thanks for playing everyone it was super and I got some footage of the event (although its pretty laggy), I won't be able to be here tomorrow most likely, but if people want to play again tomorrow at the same time feel free!

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Is it possible trying a new scrimage match in the following days?

Sure thing, if you join the discord it'll make it easy to coordinate when people are playing.  We've had a bunch of people doing informal matches the past week that I'm sure would love to keep playing.  We can try and schedule a more formal one soon, but we're currently trying to finish up v1.3.20 (adding a few new features and fixing some bugs) before we schedule the next official match.  I'm hoping it to have it out this week, but it may need to wait a bit longer depending on how debugging goes.

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