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Is OpenJK meant to be so C90?


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I wanted to fork OpenJK and try to make changes. My aim is mostly improving server management. I also wanted to build a map parser module for myself.


However I was really surprised to see that the whole project is written in C90 style, rather than C++. I'm not saying it's inherently wrong at all, just a bit strange for a 2017 project. It also makes derivatives more complicated, given the nasty amount of global variables.


So the question essentially is whether moving to more C++ style project is something that is welcome, or if the game is written as C program intentionally and mixing C++ patterns would be bad.

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OpenJK is a cleaned up/slightly modified version of the original code which was written back in 2002 which itself is built on the Quake 3 engine from 1997.


C++ wasn’t so popular back then so the vast majority of the code stuck with C89. Some of the newer code written specifically for JKA is in C++ but doesn’t resemble anything you would consider “modern” by today’s standards.


I would say adding/writing C++ code for the sake of writing C++ isn’t particularly useful. Unless something benefits from using C++ then there’s not really much need to do so

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I didn't know the original source was ever available, I originally thought this is written from scratch. Thanks for explaining.


I didn't mean rewriting just for the sake of rewriting, but for example if I were to create map parser dynamic library, I suppose I would be best of rewriting the current parser to OOP. Interfacing scripting APIs, such as lua/python/javascript also probably works better with C++ objects that can be passed to lua.


Of course I can just fork the project and do whatever, but I'd be more happy to write code that benefits others as well.

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