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Friendly fire


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I have noticed that often Npc`s who are on the same side will kill each other. 

Say i am palpatine with 2 lightsabers and i want to fight 20 jedis at the same time, when they are trying to take me down, half of them will be killed by their own team. 


Can this be fixed or is it a problem with the base game? 


Was also wondering if there is a way to pick music freely in loaded maps? say i wanna have duel of the fates played on any map. 


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The music command is Music Music/(path and name) for Example Music Music/Vjun3 for the dynmatic music SP only or Music Music/Vjun3/Vjun3_explore.


I fiddle with the dms alot and always use that command also I added the JK2 music to the dms so Bespin_streets dynmatic music.

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Yes as I told the command is music music followed by the music root folder name and or just the name of the song depended on how it was packed for example of usage music music/vjun3/vjun3_explore or music music/vjun3 for the SP dynamic version but it works with all songs from the maps in the game so KOTF maps too type dir music for a full list then use the music music/ command with the song root and or name.

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