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Warzone ALPHA Installer/Launcher/Updater

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Warzone installer and updater is now available for anyone that wishes to have a look at the alpha versions of the game.


* Requires a 2GB video card at least and a fairly recent CPU.

* If you have issues running the game on AMD graphics, use the AMD FIX.bat file once.

* The installer/updater/launcher will update all files each time it is run to the newest. It will also fix the game files.

* Always put the installer in it's own folder. DO NOT USE THE INSTALLER IN A FOLDER WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR FOLDERS INSIDE (other then the other files in this archive)!

* If you want to make content for warzone, copy the gamedata folder to another place and work on that copy (there are bat files in GameData to run the game), when the updater updates on the downloaded copy, it will reset any files to defaults.




Updated on 2019/01/10 to make it a borderless window, add download speed, and other info when downloading, and minimize to system tray.

Updated on 2018/12/27 to raise the max concurrent download connections from 2 to 4.

Updated on 2018/12/21 to add some improvements.

Updated on 2018/12/20 to fix issues with UAC and some other improvements.





1. Extract the Warzone folder inside the archive to some place on your hard drive (using WinRAR or 7zip).

2. Go to that folder and run the WarzoneLauncher.exe file.

3. It should automatically download all the warzone files.

4. Once the files are downloaded, it might ask you to show it where your jedi academy 'gamedata' folder is, if it does, then select that folder in the dialog.


If for some reason the game crashes at start, there are 3 possibilities.

1. Make sure inside Warzone\GameData\ you see a 'base' directory. If not, copy your 'base' directory from your Jedi Academy game folder.

2. Most things can be fixed by simply restarting the launcher. It will continue any updates and fix any broken files.

3. Make sure you have the latest launcher, above. It has been updated multiple times the last few days.

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As a note, the launcher assumes you have a copy of your base folder in the "GameData" folder, you'll need to manually copy and paste the base folder wherever you end up installing the launcher to get the game to work.



The above issue has been patched and fixed.  Get the new version.

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