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If/Else - Icarus Question

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In my mod, I have two padawan characters which can be sparred with as often as the player sees fit. What I want is a third character to trigger only when the first two have both been bested at least once. I've done something similar already with the remotes. If you defeat one, you unlock the option to spawn two and so on up to five. What I'm struggling with is how I can set it up so that I have to beat both padawans at least once in any order before unlocking the third opponent, rather than beating the same padawan twice.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)



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For situation like this i often use target_counters.

Just target npc somehow to target counter set on 1 to the tarhet counter set on 2 that will trigger the third opponent. This should work.


It will simply works like this. You defeatone of the enemies. It will check the first target_counter and this entity will remove itself. That is why fighting the same enemy will not unlock the third enemy. It will happen after you will defeat second opponent. The second target_counter will rbe removed and target_counter with count 2 will be triggered.

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