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Can't install the software at all


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Bien le bonjour,


I've tried many things to get the software installed since I DLd it on moddb, the latest ver, 7/09/2018, and...absolutely can't do anything but watch it crash everytime I launch it.


So everything is in the data folder. At first, it had troubles with my AV, witch is Bitdefender, s I created exclusions for it not to do anything with the soft when I use it. 
After that it stopped crashing, I could launch it yesterday evening (the Kotf-Launcher, clicked on Install, as Administrator). It started DLing updates up to 96%. There it stopped, as it was late I put the PC in prolongated standby mode, and when I tried again this morning the soft kept crashing when clicking on Install.


What's going on? Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for your help !

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Did you put your PC into standby mode while it was still downloading? If yes, that's probably the issue.


I suggest the following: Remove the entire KotF folder the launcher has created and start the installation again. This time, wait until the download is complete.

It may take a while, so make sure you have plenty of time.

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Oh boy, really sorry for the disturbing, that was the point...I didn't see the Updater app in the task manager, I could have known this way...

Really sorry, so yep, I'm re-dling this time, well that's an issue I'll know how to cancel next time, thank both of you for your help !

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