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Change JK3 GLM to JK2 "_humanoid" GLA

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I've been wanting to make a Single player Campaign remaster for Outcast and Academy, by assembling a bunch of mods, and high quality player models.

I've frankensteined/re-textured a new Kyle Katarn Player model, and I want to use him in the cut-scenes of the 'Jedi Outcast - Academy' mod, that lets you play the single player campaign for Jedi Outcast IN the Jedi Academy engine.

In the cut-scenes, he plays all the wrong animations. In the 'Jedi Outcast - Academy' mod file, they use a particular model that uses the JK2 _humanoid gla animations specifically for cut-scenes. 
I've heard you have to 'hex edit' the jk2 gla to the jk3 model glm, but I have no idea what hat means, or how to do it. 

What would be the easiest way to do this? I have a couple player models that I also want to use in the cut-scenes, that'd need to use the JK2 animations for (Luke, Lando, Jan, and Galak replacements).

Thanks in advanced  :) 
- Kyle  

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You'd have to import them into the software of your choice (Softimage, 3DS Max, Blender) and redo the envelope weights using the skeleton from the other game.


Going from JK2-->JA is much easier, just adding "l_hang_tag_bone" as the child to the bone "l_hand" and weighing the tag "l_hand" to it and recompile. This will fix the dual saber problem when using the dual saber special move and a few of the dual saber taunts.


The other problem is that the cutscenes aren't in the "_humanoid.gla" they have their own files which would need to have the animations transfered from one skeleton to the other which isn't too hard if you know the software you're using well enough to transfer animations between 2 different skeletons.

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