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Mutant Rancor is nearly an immortal NPC

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I customized many scenarios with maps.


In one of my recent scenarios, a Mutant Rancor (with 10k HP) battled with over 30 master Jedi (all of them are powerful Jedi from The Old Republic, The Galactic Republic, and The Rebellion) and a squad of Clone Commandos.


Obviously, the monstrous Mutant Rancor slays my allies by throwing, poisoning, and eating them alive. 


In my luckiest case, I barely survived with 4-5 Jedi.


In my worst case, the Rancor's HP bar vanished and it became immortal no matter how much damage I and allies attacked it. I wonder if it is a bug or not.


Thank you.

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Huh, that's interesting. Did you spawn it in, or was it the one in T3_Stamp? That one's scripted to never die. With the Vanilla Mutant Rancor, I've been able to kill it using dual sabers in SP whenever I spawned it.

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