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Knights of the Force Launcher

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There has been a new updater....have you felt it? (WINDOWS ONLY)


DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.moddb.com/mods/knights-of-the-force-21/downloads/kotf-launcher


MANUAL DOWNLOAD HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p6Z1uYW0ldrgETGARFynVVREJ0jQ63uu


If you answered yes to this question, continue to read, if you answered no....keep reading anyway.


Today, we launch our new updater and patching system, coded by some weirdo with no social life and who has never made a launcher before (me).





This launcher will provide players, both new and current, with an easier, more accessible way to download, install, and update their game. As we all know, most modern games provide patches and updates after release, and we want to provide players with updates as well, instead of forcing you to download an 8GB file every month.


Keep in mind, this launcher can only be used by players running on Windows. But we will have something in store for Mac and Linux users as well.





Simply start the launcher, and a new window will open up. You'll see 7 buttons, as well as a website.




Single Player: Start Single Player

Multiplayer: Start Multiplayer

Mute/Play Music: Mute or Play the music (currently it's Rey's theme, however you can change it if you desire)

Update: Start the updater.


The final 3 buttons at the top will take you to our 3 social media websites: JKHub, Discord, and Moddb.





To use the Updater, simply click on the "Update" button, OR, start the KotF-Updater.exe file. It will take a while for the updater to do its thing so be patient. Once the updater has finished, the updater will close, and the launcher will start up again. The website will be updated with patch notes as we release, as well as posted here on JKHub, Moddb, and Discord.





The music can be located in the KotF-Launcher folder. If you wish to change the music, simple drag any .mp3 file into the folder and name it "music.mp3". If you want to remove the music, simply delete the music.mp3. The music will never be touched via the updater, it's entirely your choice.





We won't release updates too frequently, a majority of updates we release will mostly be bug fixes. At worst, we will release more serious updates at least once per month.





We never forgot about you. So how will you receive updates?


While it would be very unfair for us to release bug fixes at the same frequency, it would be rude of us to not give you all the same updates and fixes as everyone else.


Alongside any major releases, we will also zip together all files that have been updated up until that point and release them via the website. Once every few months, we will upload the full mod to google drive and update our download links for you all.


Link to website: http://linken233.github.io





Progress Reports will still be made, but now we will also make "Patch Notes" topics in the developer section of this forum whenever we release an update. A direct link to the website and update will be provided for all users in each Progress Report and Patch Note topic.

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Launcher has been updated, the bugfixes are as follows:


V4 Changes:

- Updated the background picture so Thrawn has the top of his head restored + Palpatine is more focused.

- You will now be required to run the updater from the launcher, attempting to run the updater by itself will result in an error message and the program will not run. This was done to prevent potential issues with first-time users installing the mod in the wrong place, thus causing the mod to get grey blocks instead of text as it's supposed to.

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Launcher has been updated, you can download the new launcher through the link above or by pressing the "Update" button on the launcher. 


V5 Changes:


- The launcher will now run if the KotF folder is absent.


- If mods are detected in the base folder, a warning message will appear informing you of any potential crashes.

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A new version of the launcher has been released, you may now download it manually or through the official KotF Launcher


V6 Changes:


- The Updater will now display text indicating how many files remain to be downloaded and have been downloaded.


- The Updater will now display text more appropriate to the situation if you are updating or installing the mod.


- The updater will now automatically remove any files deemed obsolete by the team. It will at present remove the original KotF_Ep7_Skin.pk3 and KotF_Ep7_NPC.pk3 files if you have not removed them already.


- When selecting Update/Install, you will now be given the option to shut down your computer after completing the installation or update. This will allow you to allow the updater to run overnight, and the updater will shut down your computer for you.


- For the sake of convenience, you will now have the choice to automatically connect to the official KotF server upon selecting Multiplayer.

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New version of the launcher has been uploaded. You may now download it through the Moddb link above or run your updater to download it through there.


V7 Changes:
- The Updater will now display a more accurate download percentage based on how much has been downloaded byte-wise instead of file-wise
- Fixed an issue where the Updater displayed too large of a file path. It is now scaled back to only display the name of the file.
- The Updater will now display how large of an installation/update you're downloading.
- The Launcher will now inform you if the Jedi Academy 1.01 patch hasn't been installed prior to updating.
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A fix for the launcher has been uploaded. An error present in earlier versions of the launcher resurfaced and has since been addressed and fixed. You may either download the launcher from the link up above or run the updater to get the new version.


If you decide to run the launcher, delete the original KotF-Updater.exe file while the updater is searching for files that need addressing as quickly as possible.

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V7.7 of the launcher has been released! You may download via the Updater or the download link up above.


- You will now be required to run the Launcher as an administrator. Failure to do so will result in an error message.

- Added code to remove files unnecessary for the mod at a later date.

- Fixed an issue with the code where the Updater would crash upon completing the download and was checking args for the shut down command.

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