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Warzone needs your help!

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I will keep this short...




We could use modellers, mappers, texture artists, UI artists, coders (specially if you know OpenGL, other graphics programming, or UI coding), sound artists, people that can make a good cup of coffee or tea, everything and anything you think you can do that is useful to the creation of a game.


I've been doing pretty much everything myself for 4 years now and could really use some people specialized more then I am. I really don't have the time to do everything myself.




Send a PM to @Stoiss or @UniqueOne if you are interested and think you can help in some/any way at all. Probably sending to Stoiss is preferred as he checks JKHUB more often then I do (i'm always coding).




You don't need to be an expert, many hands make light work.

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i will send u a pm @@Apprentice


we will try to aim for a sort of mini open world for jka, with a RPG system with weapons, and sabers, event system where you fight waves of npc, have factions to join to get better rewards, but this is a long goal, and if this is going to happen do we need the help we can get.


so all the help we can get would be really nice :)

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