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Well the floating is not all it appears to be you see.. I don't have academy installed rn nor do i have any of my mod files here but i believe either i changed is movement type to "flyswim" or i gave him a class like class_sentry, which has subpar dueling skills and doesn't use force powers. Also when you jump on top of maw or you successfully push him (which succeeds almost always since class_sentry wasn't made for jedi battles) he falls and doesn't get up again, not to mention that "droid cutting" sound it makes when you slash him with a lightsaber. So this method isn't something you should use.


The special attack is, luckily, very simple to do and works like intended. In the .sab file of Maw's saber you need to change the special attack/kata (the one where you press both mouse 1 and mouse 2) to LS_SPINATTACK_ALORA.   

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