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Can a jedi become a psychiatrist?

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In episode 2 Attack of the Clone, Obi-wan used jedi mind trick to a merchant selling a drug(narcotics) to change his mind in the bar.

I don't know what happened to him but I assume that he restarted his life and got a good job. Maybe a few jedis used this skill to revise social misfits' minds for their lifes. But for their point of view, those chances to be changed their mind is uncommon.


Are there a few jedis using mind trick to purify mental patients?

Can a jedi be a psychiatrist?

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Seeing as @@Kualan made one a sort of psychiatrist, I'd say that it's possible.


Hey, nice to see a Tales shout-out!  :D


To address OP's point, I would say Jedi are encouraged to use their powers as a form of therapy to help those in need. I don't know that they would agree with the morality of using mind tricks to achieve these aims though - they are effectively "tricking" the patient into believing they are well instead of helping them reach that place of healing of their own volition.

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Brainwashing someone is one thing, 'fixing' someone's brain is another. I suppose it's possible, but examples in canon, old and new, are scarce.


As to the deathstix-dealer, I don't think he succeeded in starting a new leaf. It just doesn't work that way in the criminal world, unless, of course, the bosses are like:

"Hey, what do we do to that chump-dealer who decided to start a new leaf?"
"The same as with all the others, what else?"

"But this guy's different. It's like he's been brainwashed or something..."

"Those Jedi poodoo's! Alright, alright, let 'im go." :P

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