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Softimage|XSI JO/JA skeleton (bones+tags) and compiling guide


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Skeleton files and animation sequences




Tutorials and references


Player model dotXSI export settings



Character set up guide videos (WIP)


Creating custom animations using Softimage Mod Tool 7.5

Raven SDK's


(contains useful things for JA as well)
(also has things for both JO and JA as well as tutorials)
Modeling/Skinning guide and tools


(anything in here that is in the JO version you'll want to replace with these)

Removed link for JO skeleton as that can be obtained from the JK2 SDK by importing either Kyle or the Stormtrooper, just make sure on the import options only animation is checked. Some bones may be skewed, just change the animation frame and it should correct itself and you'll have them all rigged up with LOD's and tags.

Must have plugins

Roadkill UV's for Mod Tool

A modified version of Kim Aldis' Roadkill Exporter for Autodesk's ModTool by Janosch. This handy pack also includes everything needed to use the free program Roadkill (an automatic UV unwrapping tool) inside of Autodesk's Modtool 7.5.

OBJ exporter

Enables obj exporting in Modtool 7.5 (Drag and drop the Export_Obj.xsiaddon into a viewport and restart to install). By Janosch. Very popular model transfer format, does not support bones and animations.

Useful links

Main Page - XSI Wiki
http://www.youtube.com/SoftimageHowTos <-- Softimage How To's
http://www.youtube.c.../AceMastermind1 <-- Certified Softimage 7.x Training
Letterbox Animation Studios

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