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How to make a panorama


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This tutorial will show you how to take a panoramic screenshot using a hidden feature of Singleplayer.


Required Tools/Stuff

  • A map that runs on singleplayer (any base map works really, but some custom ones might have issues)
  • Photoshop or a program that can merge panoramic screenshots (I use Photoshop in this tutorial)

If you're using QEffects (Pro or otherwise), you should set RenderFrame to 1 in your config, and turn off Motion Blur.


  • Go ingame and find a suitable spot to take pictures from. Do not worry about removing the HUD, crosshairs, etc, since the game does that for you automatically.
  • Enter in the console: /pano 1.
  • The game will now dump the panoramic screenshots into your screenshots folder, using a naming scheme like "XpanoYY.jpg", with the X being the number of panoramas that you've done, and YY being the individual screenshot number. Close the game.
  • If you have a tool other than Photoshop, find a tutorial to merge those screenshots together. Otherwise, continue with the tutorial.
  • In Photoshop, open each screenshot, in order. For instance, 1pano01.jpg, 1pano02.jpg, etc.
  • Go to File > Automate > Photomerge
  • Choose Auto, Set "Use" to "Files", and hit the Browse button. Select all of the screenshots, again in order.
  • Hit OK.
  • Photoshop will then merge the photos together. This will take some time, and it may freeze photoshop entirely.
  • Once you've got it done, you may need to do some cleaning up to make sure that it looks okay. Enjoy!

Sharing it online

  • I've found another alternative for doing this, it's on the site: http://www.dermandar.com
  • Select 360 degree view.
  • Select pictures from your screenshots folder (using steps above)
  • Enjoy! Should take a minute or two, but I can confirm that this works well!

Example Output



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