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Music in maps


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A very popular question asked by mappers is "How do I put music in my map?" Well I shall teach you, THEN ALL SHALL BOW TO MY MIGHT!

just kidding...>=)


A map with no music on it
The music you want to use
Audacity (free sound editing program)
Some folders (which I shall explain)
Basic GTKRadiant knowledge
GTKRadiant itself

Placing the music in your map

Alright, so you open up GTK Radiant to a map that is musicless that you REALLY want music for.
Open up the Entity Properties on any brush (like a wall or ceiling) (Press N)

You should see two imput boxes, one says Key, the other says Value

In the Key box, type Music and press enter, in Value, type in the filepath (ex: music/mymusic.mp3) NOTE: It is highly recommended your music is .MP3

Save and compile

Preparing the Music

In your base folder, make a folder called music

Before you place your music into the music folder, you must make sure the music is set at Stereo, 44100 hz, failure to do this will result in the music not working at all, if this needs to be changed, do so and make sure you compile the music as a .mp3 (IF YOU CAN'T COMPILE AS .MP3, USE AN ONLINE CONVERTING TOOL, YOU CAN EASILY FIND ONE ON GOOGLE).

Place your music into your music folder, start up your map and test it.

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