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Uploaded by Clan FJA



PATCH : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0xnaeyvdpNEdlFMeGFqZnIteWc/edit?pli=1

this patch is a little file which allow you to play your own skins in Jedis, Siths, Mercenary and Military class.

Put this in ForceMod_III folder.






THIS FILE IS FROM PHRG EMPIRE : http://www.phrgempire.com/


I submitted this file because i find it is a really good mod for fun.






Force Mod III Advanced Version 3 (FM3Av3)


This is an enhanced version of original ForceMod III : http://jkhub.org/files/file/929-forcemod-iii-return-of-the-sith-manual-install/

With correction of a lot of bugs, add news skins, add a NEW INCREDIBLE PAUSE MENU !

I thinks this is one of the best menu i've ever seen, with a lot of options.



Presentation :


- Choose from 29 unique classes in 6 different Factions:

JEDI: Warden, Aurorian, Sentinel, Ancient One

SITH: Cardinal, Zealot, Crypt Guardian, Dark Sage

MERC: Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter, HotShot, Commando

MILITARY: Stormtrooper, Spacetrooper, Clonetrooper, Royal Guard, Scout, ARCTrooper

SPECIES: Wookiee, Tusken Raider, Noghri Warrior, Yuuzhan Vong, Gungan

DROID: Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Droideka, Assassin, Darktrooper


- Level 4 Force powers, combine Light & Dark sides, Charged powers, 5 new force ranks

- Merc gadgets: Jetpack, Cloaking, Dual Pistols, Flame Gauntlet, Radar, Camouflage, and more...

- Model Scaling, Class-based Model System, Bot Class support

- Includes Tchouky's Advanced RGB Sabers


All explications here : http://www.phrgempire.com/fm3info.htm


Readme :


*INSTALLATION FOR CURRENT FM3 PLAYERS: Remove any previous "ForceMod_III" folders with the exception of your jampconfig.cfg and forcecfg folder. Put those two files into the new "ForceMod_III" folder and then that into your gamedata folder. You will also need to create new shortcuts for your game/server using the two batch files.



*INSTALLATION FOR NEW FM3 PLAYERS: Put the "ForceMod_III" folder into your gamedata folder.



*TO PLAY: Click on “Play_FM3Av3.bat" in your "ForceMod_III" folder.



*TO RUN A WINDOWS SERVER: click on "Run_FM3Av3_server.bat" in your "ForceMod_III" folder (open "fm3server.cfg" to set up your server).





- Any music in JKA can be accessed on any map using the in game "MUSIC" menu located in the options bar. Bonus track "Battle of the Heroes" is also included.


- You can access a selection of various crosshairs in the main menu after choosing a saber in profile or in the "AIMING" menu while in a game.


- While in a game you can access the "VIEWS" menu to adjust various aspects of the camera's position in relation to your character.


- A seperate config for each class can be created and saved from the "CONFIGS" menu.


- Some extra features can be bound to keys via the "XBINDS" menu including a 4th person view, zoom in and out, a demo recorder and hotkeys for inventory items.


- New title menu video.





- Each faction has a specific HUD symbol.





- Each model icon has been given a mark in its lower left-hand side to denote that particular model's size. The sizes range from tiny to extra large (T,S,M,L,XL). The sizes have also been divided up in such a way as to help balance certain classes. For example: Bounty Hunters have access to small and medium sizes where as Scouts have access to these as well as tiny models.


- All models have had their standard annoying jumping grunt sounds removed leaving only the sound of the feet tapping the ground as they jump.





- Dark Sages


- Ancient Ones and Dark Ssges have been given the ability to shape shift having access to all models in the game (except Droideka).





- Green saber style: This style has been altered so it no longer dominates the others. While powerful, it has far less range.


- Orange saber style: Side to side attacks slowed for balance


- White saber style: Standing kata replaced in favor of one that leaves the user less vulnerable as well as fixing an animation bug seen in all versions of FM3.


- Vong: Super high parry removed to better match the updated saber forms. Crouching kata replaced with the "Death Pounce".


- Tusken: New crouching kata.


- Noghri: New standing kata which fixes an animation glitch.


- Lightstaffs: These weapons have been given improved length, damage and parry values.


- New saber types: Includes Jar Kai, Grievous quad sabers, saber fork, saber tonfa, saber shield, 3 different sith swords, Clas of ruin, electrostaff, X staff, and the the staff. Each with its own set of special properties.


- Royal Guard Pike: Royal Guards now have both the purple and blue stances as well as improved parry and damage values. The pike's range has been shortened to appear more realistic to the actual appearance of the weapon. Royal Guards also can do a blue style, crouching and standing kata.


- Vong staff: Damage, parry, knockback, and hitbox values have been increased and range decreased to appear more realistic to the actual appearance of the weapon. The can do a standing and crouching katas as well as walk along walls. Vong are the only class to be given mega strength able to kill almost any targets in 1 hit as well as knocking targets back an incredible distance.


- Tusken and Noghri weapons: Damage, parry and hitbox values have been increased as well as added standing and crouching katas.


- Fletchett: The primary fire explosions look a lot better now what Venomous^Heart >:[ described as sun bursts. The grenades themselves also have a brighter center and smoke until they explode.


- Rockets: These have been given better smoke trails.


- DEMP: Primary fire is better looking.


- Thermal dets emit a cool looking shockwave after they explode.





- The bot types have been limited to Aurorian, Zealots, Commando, Hotshot, Spacetrooper, Scoutrooper, Darktrooper, Assassin Droid, and Super Battle Droid. These classes were picked for bots because they bring one or more attributes that make for better bots than other classes. These bots have high levels of aim, reaction time, 360 degree turn capability, and carefully chosen priorities on the weapons they use. They will use inventory items and devices such as ammo/shield regen and bacta tanks. The Aurorian/Zealot bots will counter powers used on them and will use saber throw as a priority attack and have an incredible aim with it often landing critical strikes which can kill other force users in 1 hit.





- To fix the deka shield glitch, the shields had to be removed (they only appear around the Deka for effect). They have instead been given 700 health. Other upgrades include better turns, better brakes, and defense piercing blasters. Deka's previous dimensions were slightly too large in the original FM3 so they would not be able to pass through certain spots in the default JKA maps. By lowering the dimensions just slightly this has been fixed. *NOTE: All standard FM3 glitches, besides the shield glitch, still remain with Droideka so it is recommended they are turned off when running a long term server.





- Fixed the hilt bounce sound glitch.


- Fixed the Katarn hilt glitch by removing that hilt.


- Fixed the Royal stance glitch. Now RG get 2 base stances (blue/purple).


- Fixed Deka shield glitch by removing shields altogether and increasing health to 700. Shields still appear for effect only.


- Fixed wield melee weapon sound glitch for Royal Guard, Tusken and Vong.


- Fixed errors in the fm3server.cfg file.


- Fixed NPC glitch 1. Clone and battle droid NPC's will no longer crash the game. (Previous versions of FM3 NPC's however will crash if used on a v2 server with exception if Stormtroopers. The user will crash but not the server.)


- Fixed the jamsgbof sever crash exploit.


- Fixed Species and Royal Guard taunt/gloat glitches.





- Thanks to Venomous^Heart >:[ for his outstanding work on all of the FM3 series thus far. Without him, it could not have been it's best. Thanks to Venom's sons Solid^Heart, Forsaken^Heart and their friend UnkaPHRG for helping and for all the work these people mentioned above put on the movie which turned out great.


- Thanks to Azymn for permission to alter his original creation and answering the many questions we had.


- Thanks to all the members of PHRG who helped test FM3Av2 and give me feedback.


- Thanks to Snakeblskn for his help testing weapons and glitches in FM3Av1 which led to fixes in v2 and overall advancement of FM3 since we first got into it.


- Thanks to PhysicWater for the SW art used in map loading and console screens and for the idea to make a movie.


- Thanks to Mykell for his base set of new sounds, his fix for the jamsgbof crash exploit and technical help in various areas.

"Warning - you can meet lags with the default sv_fps value of the server.cfg which is too high (100).

I recommend you to change "seta sv_fps 40" in your the server.cfg to avoid lags.

I recommend players to set cg_deferPlayers "1" to avoid little freezes when bots spawn."


PH >:[


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It is not the sword, it is a crash that appears sometimes when trooper npcs are activate (the two npc with stormtrooper and clonetrooper).


Desactivate them.

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:-)) this is not my mod... It is a code bug and i don't have source code.

I think it dépends on the OS. PHRG have played a lot with this mod, and they never met this bug. I think they used linux server.


And don't use special Swords ^^

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I'm playing ForceMod 3: Classic Edition 1.5, and I've tried this out. This mod has a LOT more feats in it, but when I play it lags a whole lot - and this problem wasn't present in the CE 1.5. It is nice that there are new hilts with description of what they do, but some text is in black - and in an already dark background, I don't think it was a fitting choice. The bots are a little smarter... but that's it. A lot cheaper when it comes to Katas. I couldn't choose to play vs bots that I wanted (Luke Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, and some more) either. My verdict?... I don't know... I think that this mod needs more improvement. Put back the yellow radar, re-add "screen-look" when using Optics as Bounty Hunter etc, fix the lag, and add OJP saber trails. Then I think we could call this one a win. As it is now, I'm returning to my old FM3 mod - Classic Edition 1.5.

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Lags ? I have not.


Try this :

set sv_fps "30" (serverside)

set cg_deferPlayers "1" (clientside)


yes, there are little freezes when bots spawns.

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