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Dusty's JK3 Patch and Expansion (Beta) v0.5

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About This File

My SP mod I'm making. Surprisingly so far it doesn't conflict with multiplayer too much, except it messes up the running animations sometimes, and it gives you non-working copies of all the Base JA hilts that give you the stinger hilt if you try to use them.


The change log is messy looking, but let me clarify it:

It first tells you the changes from Base JKA to the last version I released on the forums. Then without any spacing, it says "Changes from V0.4-", which is the changes this version I'm releasing now made from the previous version I had released on the forums.


Also, make sure to start a new game in Single Player so animations work correctly!




Minilogoguy18 – broken staff sabers

Zicmak – saber crystal icons

Inyri Forge – Forge hilt

Buster Senatu – Buster hilt

Angel Soul – new Force icons (not actually in the mod yet!)

RancorSNP – NPCs mod, helpful website with SP cmds

MasterHill – Masterhill’s Sabers MKIII

[NFOR]Neo_Knight – JA Remix hud

Darth NormaN- Elegance hud

TheRFiles, eezstreet, Mr.wonko, Master_Ibonek, Agent Jones and others on JKHub for their help and support so



Remember, if you use this mod somewhere or edit it, it's not only my own work featured in the mod!


What's New in Version v0.5


  • Changes for Base JKA:
  • Changes-
  • Saber Combat:
  • - Medium style deflection speed increased about 20%
  • - Strong style deflection speed increased about 5-10%
  • - Faster recovery from swings being parried for single saber
  • - Staff saber twirl replaced with hilt bash attack
  • - Dual sabers twirl replaced with overpowered spin attack (dual sabers are listed as dualssab_1, dualssab_2 etc.)
  • - Saber throws removed, now all sabers can kick (front kick is slowest, then side kicks, then rear is fastest)
  • NPCs
  • - Stormtroopers fire faster and have better accuracy
  • - Force cultists have less force points but run faster
  • - Slightly improved accuracy for impworker, human_merc, trandoshan
  • - Rebornmasters given shorter sabers (they had a fracking cheap 6 ft long saber)
  • - A couple slightly tougher Jedi NPCs
  • - Some NPCs like rebel troopers, bespin cops, kyle, luke, desann stats edited
  • General:
  • - Most saber lengths increased slightly
  • - Running animation speeds tweaked slightly (purely visual)
  • - Saber ignited walking back anim now holds the saber in a guard stance for all saber types
  • - Changed HUD (uses JA remix hud by I forget who on jk2files)
  • - Has holster button added to Weapon controls (these buttons all work as a cycle, you click the field and the games binds it to a key I preset for you, in the case of the mblock button, it will bind it to MOUSE3 when you click)
  • - Has Manual block and Meleekata (gives you normal punching melee without katas, and acts as a button for performing katas) buttons as well as inventory controls added to interaction controls
  • - Has game tips added to loading screens
  • - Speeds up melee punches slightly
  • - Has a toggle between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person views controlled by the default P key.
  • - Has some options added to the setup menu
  • - Has some half-working options and inventory select menus in the SP campaign
  • - Adds 4 hilts to SP saber selection, Forge (credits to Inyri Forge), Buster (credits to Bust0 I think?), a skin of the Stinger, and Retribution/the Desann hilt.
  • - Some SP strings edited slightly (like better force power descriptions, changed "enemies killed:" to "enemies defeated:")
  • - Punches should play punch sounds correctly
  • - Altfiretime for sabers increased (makes it so you can't kick/saberthrow as rapidly)
  • - Defeated enemies now grunt sometimes when you mess with them
  • - Changes the startup JA screen to one with Jedi Academy box art
  • - Changes the loading screen to the green glowing Jedi Knight Series symbol
  • Changes from v0.4 -
  • Saber combat:
  • - single saber saber locking strength increased
  • - hilt bash from staff temporarily removed (has saber twirl again, due to my laziness)
  • - medium style swing speed increased slightly (this affects only the "A" animations)
  • - single saber ----> parry bonus increased from 1 to 2
  • - saber lengths reset mostly except for staff which has lengths of "33"
  • NPCs:
  • - RancorSNP's NPCs fix integrated into my mod
  • Alora_dual is now using Alora2 skin.
  • ¤ Assassin_droid sound fixed .
  • ¤ Fixed Bartender, no longer weird dance.
  • ¤ Deleted Cultist Destroyer (Its just lack of animation, if you wanna keep him just delete Cultist_destroyer.npc from my *.pk3)
  • ¤ Imperial Commander is now using his own voice, no longer same as Imperial Officer
  • ¤ Deleted Jawa_Armed, he's weapon was never fully created, crashing game, no use of them.
  • ¤ Fixed Morgan Katarn, added him few force powers (no saber, he was forceuser not jedi).
  • ¤ Rebel and Rebel 2 are now using their own voice
  • ¤ Rebel 2 now have changed look to rebel pilot
  • ¤ Deleted duplicated Rebel2
  • ¤ Fixed Remote to look like it should be looking. (Still glitchy... but sometimes usable)
  • ¤ Removed RocketTrooper_ver1 this is just scaled stormtrooper, game have another rockettrooper NPC, guess they forgot to delete it.
  • ¤ Tried to fix rocks NPC, it failed so they're deleted. No use of them.
  • ¤ Increased Rosh's hp to prevent him from killing himself while jumping over the river. (has about 50 hp now)
  • ¤ Deleted Test NPC.
  • ¤ Deleted duplicated STOfficerAlt
  • ¤ Changed Tusken Sniper ally and enemy side. Now they're like normal tusken FREE/FREE.
  • ¤ Fixed walk speed of nearly all NPC's. (Useful to scripts, or roleplay NPC controll)
  • - stormtroopers given class_stormtrooper again (as opposed to class_jan, this makes their aim a tad more sloppy and scales their abilities with the game difficulty), hp increased from 30 to 40
  • - tie pilots now fire slightly faster, have slightly better aim than a stormtrooper, and run slightly faster, however has 30 hp
  • - impworker aim improved slightly
  • - jedi npc stats tinkered with more
  • - saber wielding cultists buffed slightly
  • - rebornmasters made slightly less cheap, single wielding masters get tavion style instead of fast style
  • - reborn adepts (the blue new reborns) get an extra force power (it was Force Heal I think) and faster running speed (they seemed kind of pointless as they were just less strong versions of the red reborns)
  • General:
  • - added Saber Crystal Color Icons by Zicmak
  • - added Masterhill's sabers MKIII
  • - added broken staff sabers by minilogoguy18
  • - inventory menu works now kind of
  • - new game options (like force hints: on/off) work now I think
  • - adjustments to the 2nd person camera view
  • - adjustments to control settings in the control menus
  • - slight ui fixups here and there
  • - Dynamic glow height and width sliders changed to a "dynamic glow intensity: normal/low/very low"
  • - not working hud option added (supposed to let you change HUDs ingame, but is buggy, worked at first but I seem to have messed it up somehow)
  • - slightly modded lightning effects (uses purple lightning gfx from JK2, went for less quantity, more powerful looking lightning)

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