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Opensaber 13.01

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About This File

Created by Kaldor
Inspired by Hugo

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2

Note at forehand:

Find the project on github here: https://github.com/KaldNL/opensaber-JKA
Place the "opensaber" folder in root directory of the JKA server to run it.

About the mod:

This is a specialist mod for some JKA players, specifically Terminative 3. However, by keeping the source public we hope it will help other JKA players just the same. JKA is an old game. Those of us who are dedicated to this game should have the freedom to continue the game's evolution. Opensaber is, and always will be, fully Free and open under the terms of the GNU GPL v2. This means you are free to modify opensaber (and even rebrand it) to fit your server's needs.


The intention is that the opensaber mod will provide a better experience for the saber system. Hit detection is better, block rates are altered slightly, and some extra (optional) serverside features are available. This mod is not developed by Star Wars fans. The people who are creating this modification are people who have spent years playing basejka in various forms from TFFA (pugging) to CTF (ctfpug). We know how the gameplay works, and we understand its flaws. Think of this mod as JKA's saber-only equivalent to Quake III modifications like CPMA. We also include a setting which can disable dual and staff sabers, meaning you can run a server with standard-saber only.

The problem in basejka is that people tend to get kills by doing simple tricks. There's nothing wrong with the "exploits", but it detracts from the gameplay when players abuse the same tricks repeatedly. One such example is the extention via running toward the enemy with your back turned. This mod lessens the effect of this by allowing users to parry/block the saber while it is behind you. However, this does NOT mean that this mod will not allow the abuse of the blocking system like other mods do. This way, if you understand how the saber system (read: not OUR saber system, but the game overall) works you'll have an advantage over players who stick to one thing that they happen to be good at. The custom saber settings still maintain the "physics" and "feel" of basejka, but improve them. Skilled players should have absolutely no problem adjusting. If you complain about the blocks being too high on this mod, then it means you're most likely rushing too much and relying on spam. Clean, precise hits will not block at all. Just like on basejka.

The changes to the sabering makes it so that good habits are rewarded while bad habits are discouraged. Spins or inaccurate wiggles mean that your saber will easily be knocked away. Proper timing (positioning, movement, mouse movement) will be more effective than in basejka. The damage at the very end of the swing is increased, so smooth, well-timed extensions/pokes/wiggles will do more damage. Fanning with yellow is more difficult due to the saber being solid through the entire swing. Yellow requires more accuracy than on base, and spam will be much less effective. Playing effectively on opensaber should help players develop better habits in basejka.

Before brushing this off as just another JKA mod, please consider a few things. Remember that every player will always have room to improve. Remember that skill means more than winning fights and getting a positive K/D ratio in TFFA. Remember that you may be winning because the other player doesn't know how to counter your tricks; not because you understand the way you play. Finally, remember that nobody is unique in this game. Your "style" is just a slightly different way of doing the typical tactics.


Thank you for choosing opensaber mod. Hopefully it will make your JKA saber-only experience better.

--Our configs--

opensaber.cfg - Main config. Suitable for FFA servers
duel.cfg - suitable for Duel servers
duel_singleonly - Single-only Duel server
tdm.cfg - Standard European TDM PUG config
1o1.cfg - Standard 1 on 1 config

--Client Commands--

manual: List available commands
uname: Display server's version of opensaber
about_sabersystem: Explains the reason behind the new saber system
readlicense: Display brief summary of the mod's license
contactinfo: Contact info for the developer(s)
date: Show what time it is in the server's location
t3settings: Standard player settings used in T3
credits: Who did what for opensaber

--Server Commands--

g_SingleSaberOnly: Kick dual/staff users :)
d_SaberSPStyleDamage: Alter the saber system. 1 = Regular basejka, 0 = Touch damage and higher blocking with lower damage
d_SaberInterpolate: Lowers the damage and makes blocking more accurate. Warning; it causes ghosting
g_allowBlackNames: Enable/disable the use of ^0black names
g_allowMultipleDuels: Enable/disable the ability to have more than one duel at a time
g_duelHealthRestore: Enable/disable HP reset for dueling in FFA
g_duelShieldRestoreLevel: The amount of armour that is given in a duel


This modification is not being developed anymore.


What's New in Version 13.01


  • Gameplay:
  • Improved saber hit detection
  • Lower staff/dual damage (reduces random oneshots and trans abuse)
  • Early-block system (allows you to parry heavy rushers or wigglers)
  • Duel gametype now has the same combat settings as FFA or TFFA
  • A well-timed "wiggle" or "poke" has the potential to do up to 50% more damage than on basejka (balances out the early-block system)
  • Ability to autokick dual/staff users. This can be useful if you want a single-only server (we're gamers, not jedis. Contact on IRC for reasons)
  • CTF flag capture fixes (bugs)
  • Rocket bug fix
  • "Ghost" player fix: Players can no longer walk through each other. This was very problematic on some TFFA servers.
  • Clientside (for people on the server):
  • ^0black names are allowed
  • Multiple duels are possible (basejka only allows 2 people to have a duel at once)
  • Unlocked the emotes (because we're hardcore)
  • In-game manual
  • Automatically heal players at start of duel (FFA)
  • Variable to decide how much shield can be set in a duel (100/100 for mainstream style, 100/25 for base)

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Are there still any Opensaber servers around? Did it get used/played? As an outsider to JKA who only ever enjoyed single saber duels, this sounds like something I could give a try, granted there are any willing players (I'm european fwiw).

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