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  1. "Green" Screens

    These fastly made Maps are for people who do not know how to use NetRadiant to create Maps that are just pure colour. The Maps are identical in size, big enough to both capture screenshots of the characters or whatnot and to use "Select by Colour Tool" to get rid of background and create a PNG of a character, and to also film videos for Chroma Key or any other tool that gets rid of the background. And to also support your Lightsabre Colour of your character. Blue Screen for Blue Sabre, Green Screen for Green, etc. Or to even mix together colours, like Blue Sabres tend to become Cyan in Green Screen, or Red Sabres become Purple in Blue Screen, etc. But of course it's up to you. Gray so far is neutral and doesn't seem to affect or modify the pigments.

    Enjoy the Maps and hope that these Maps will help your creative works!!! 😄

    And also don't look at these Maps for too long, because looking at all green or all blue, etc, tend to hurt the eyes. So do me a favor, don't look at them or get stuck on a character pose for too long. 🙂


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  2. Pilot Luke (Rebel Pilot Luke Vanilla Kitbash)

    This is a kitbash between the Rebel Pilot Body and Blue Skin Luke Skywalker Head.

    Obviously it's not the best, but I decided to share this kitbash of vanilla models nonetheless 😄

    Can't wait to do more Kitbashes and even sculpt new models for JKA in Blender 🙂

    Thank you so much MrWonko, SomaZ, Circa, Vioxini and MikCZ over in JKCommunity Discord, for helping me figure out the issues!


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  3. Lego Dexter's Diner v2 (MB2 Specific)

    Wanted to release this for the Holidays, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! 😄

    The new name of the Map is "Lego_DD_MP" for short. There are going to be multiple versions, hence the MP at the end.

    It's actually far from finished, as there are plenty of stuff I am thinking of adding in. Some of them I still don't know how to implement them yet, but it takes time. I have learned a lot since the previous release, and I have no doubt that I will be a lot more learned enough to create an even better version, and so on 🙂
    I am planning on making a couple of versions of this Map. One is for the Multiplayer, which is this release. Another is going to be an SP Mission Version/akin to how it was in the Lego Hub-Worlds where characters duke it out outside.


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  4. Bespin Platform the Arena + Source File

    Author: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio / Giggly Giggling Giggity.
    Music Mixer/Splicer: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio / Giggly Giggling Giggity.
    E-Mail: JKHubCornelius69@Gmail.Com (Project Business related and feedback only*)
    Type of Map: Duel Mode
    Map name: BP_Arena
    *DOES NOT require OpenJK to be able to have this map*
    Time of making this map:
    From somewhere of January this year to the 2nd of September 2023.
    Credits for custom models, custom weapons and Clan Symbol for pictures in-Map:
    - Thank you so much to my MB2 Clan Member, Je'daii MikCZ, for allowing me to use the custom Clan Models in the "Jedaii1" and "Jedaii2" PNGs in the Map.
    - Thank you MB2 Devs for allowing me to use the Phase 1 Clone Trooper model in the "Jedaii" PNG, and the Comm-Stormie + SPD + HK-51 + New Republic Rebel + Reb-Comm + Phase 1 Clone Trooper + Namgampak and Kel-Dor Sith in the "Jedaii1".
    - Thank you so much to my MB2 Clan Member, Je'daii Naii, for making our Clan Symbol and for allowing me to use it the Clan Map.
    - Thank you to Boba Font from Font Space, for making the Ep1 Font for the Text.
    - Thank you to John William and London Symphony Orchestra for creating these wonderful tracks.
    - Thank you to my Clan Members for helping me Stress Test the Map on our server.
    These are:
    -Queen of Parthia
    -Rexo Boi
    Thank you all so much!!!!!!!
    About this Map:
    This Map is of course inspired by the OG Battlefront Map, Bespin Platform. But instead of making a carbon Copy (no pun intended), I decided to make it unique by taking key and notable parts from Bespin Platform and redesigning it into something unique and still giving a clear homage. This Map will make you feel both nostalgia, and like you are playing Bespin Platforms in Battlefront 2004
    You cannot fly in this Map sadly. I have a feeling if I did, ships would just crash either the Game or the Server, or both.
    This Map is not SP friendly, meaning there are no Waypoints, NPCs who are dumb as rocks will not be careful from falling into their deaths. Making waypoints is just a real hassle, and I don't know yet what are the proper procedures of connecting waypoints together and making barriers for our NPCs. But for now, this is just a Multiplayer that can be turn into a Singleplayer. I have provided a .Map in the package, so Galactic Legacy + Movie Duels + Movie Battles (all grand mods) can gear this Map towards their needs. (PROVIDED IF THEY WILL CREDIT ME FOR THE ORIGINAL WORK!*)
    The Map is improperly lit, my apologies. I still am learning how to properly use lighting in the exterior during Day Time. This is actually my first time making a Day Time Map (or Twilight??).
    ENJOY!!!111!!!1!!!1! 😄


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  5. Lego Dexter's Diner

    Author: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio / Giggly Giggling Giggity.
    Music Mixer/Splicer: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio / Giggly Giggling Giggity.
    E-Mail: JKHubCornelius69@Gmail.Com (Project Business related and feedback only*)
    Type of Map: Duel Mode
    Go to Console and type: Devmap Lego_Dexter's_Diner, to load the Map.
    *Requires OpenJK to be able to have this map*
    Time of making this map:
    From 17/03 to 31/10
    Special thanks to:
    - MoritzJT 
    - Naii and Li'kima (Clan Members) 
    - Lwkill (Fellow Team Member of SWGL)
    - MaceMadunusus and MB2 Devs
    for teaching me how to Map and for being awesome tutors and for responding to my questions when I didn't know something in the Editor.
    Also, thank you Naii and Li'kima for introducing me to this awesome new hobby that I am just grinding on like crazy everyday 🙂
    About this map.
    For those who didn't grow up with the first Lego Star Wars, this is the Hubworld that you roam around when you enter the game, where you buy new characters, go to Prequel Episodes to choose a chapter to play, and where you can go outside and fight the insuing chaos from the characters that you have unlocked. I loved roaming around in this Hubworld, but I just simply could not get enough. I wanted to explore more, but was barred by invisible walls. Not anymore >:). There were some places that were closed off, and I opened them up with my own imagination of what it is to be passed those boundries. This Map of course has a Jedi Knight Series spin when it comes to Minikits that you collected in order to build a Minifigure that represents the chapter that we were in an Episode, instead of the main films. You have the Death Star 1 and Dark Trooper for Dark Forces 1, Weegee from Dark Forces 2, Raven's Claw, Ion Cannon, Cloud City and the Doomgiver from Jedi Outcast, and Academy Runner, AT-AT Head, Shattered Vader Statue and Marka Ragnos Bust from Jedi Academy. You can figure out why I chose "Minifigures" that symbolize each Chapter 😉 And the Main Grand Minifigure is a Monument. It's the cancelled Jedi Knight 3 Brink of Darkness Title. I chose that symbol because (A) it is Jedi Knight, and I want to commemorate the JK Community for being really awesome, and (B) the symbol is of two JK Swords Clashing, symbolizing Dueling. This is of course in reference to my dueling MB2 Clan that I am in, The Je'daii Community.
    This map is yet another one of my usual shitposts. It's plastered with Thumbnails from my YouTube Videos that I made in the past, and you will find my humor everywhere. So do not take this Map to seriously, lest you want your immersion to break.
    Cut Content
    There are plenty of content that I had to cut in order to finally get this Map out, like the hard-to-get-to Raid Boss Lair where you need to slay in order to receive the loot that he drops, and the fourth room in the diner which is supposed to contain the Key to open the door to the Raid Boss. But not to worry, this is only V1.0. In the future when I will have the time to come back and add the cut content into the map, I will release V2.0.
    I give permission to add this Map to Movie Battles 2, Movie Duels, Galactic Legacy and my Clan's Je'daii Pack. But they *WILL NOT* have the .Map File to edit the Map, except for my Clan and my Team in Galactic Legacy.
    I hope you guys will enjoy this Map. It has been long in the making, and I am finally happy to publish this, as a V1.0 at least. Every feedback is acceptable 😉
    ENJOY!!!111!!!1!!!1! 😄


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  6. Trayus

    About the map
    This is my first ever map released to JKHub, it's meant for Movie Battles 2 Dueling Mode, and for Singleplayer Roleplays and Machinima filming! 🙂
    Initially, I wanted to make this as authentic and as accurate of a map based off of Trayus Academy Entrance on Malachor from Kotor2. But due to me having little experience in mapping, I had to add some stuff that don't originally exist in the Trayus Academy Entrance. So I took creative liberties at the cost of accuracy. I am thinking about making a more accurate of version in the future, but I won't promise that I will create another in the end.
    This map is was originally made for my homies in the MB2 Je'daii Clan, and for my friend's Fanfic. But everyone are welcome to play on this Map, film Machinima like me and my friend, and also are welcome to join the Je'daii Clan on MB2 🙂
    Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it! As of writing this, I have only started mapping in March of 2022. I am super excited to do more projects and see what in the future I will be able to make for you guys! 😄
    - Name of the BSP: Trayus_Academy_Entrance.
    - Name of Author: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio.
    - Kotor 2 and RotS Music Splicing/Remixing: Colonel Cornelius CornJulio.
    - Started to make this map in 09/07/2022 and finished the map in 30/08/2022.
    - Gmail: JKHubCornelius69@Gmail.Com
    -Simply put this .pk3 into your Base Folder, boot up the game and type "Devmap Trayus_Academy_Entrance". (Long name, I know. Next maps I will name 'em shorter.) 
    -Works for Jedi Academy, but only if JA has mods, such as Galactic Legacy, Movie Duels, Movie Battles 2 or JA Enhanced that gives higher Resolution. The reason for it is because the Picture during the Level Loading is way too big or too strong for the Non-modified/Vanilla Jedi Academy/Outcast, hence it will crash the game when trying to Devmap to the map, or when going to the Load/Save Menus...
    -You can play on this map on both Vanilla Jedi Outcast and Academy. Simply open the pk3 file with 7Zip, Winrar or Pakscape, and get rid of the Levelshot Folder, if you want to play it on Vanilla Jedi Outcast and Academy.
    - Tremendous thanks to the one and only MoritzJT for tutoring and guiding me through the making of the map and for making both the Custom Malachor Skyshader and the Custom Lavaslime Texture/Shader, and for teaching me about mapping in general. https://jkhub.org/profile/4531-mjt/
    - Tremendous thanks to LukeTheTrooper for porting the Malachor Textures from Kotor 2. https://jkhub.org/profile/7425-lukethetrooper/
    - Tremendous thanks to the Movie Battles 2 Dicord for helping me script the Music Mix into the map.
    Tremendous thanks to you all, you absolute mad lads and Gigachads!!!


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