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  1. I've used some Mods before with Jedi Academy, such as Movie Battles II, but I'm having trouble getting OpenJK to work on my system. I left a comment on the OpenJK page: I just need a little pointers getting it to work. I'm interested in some of the OpenJK compatible Mods, and maybe even tinkering myself. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I can't seem to get OpenJK to work on my PC. It's downloaded and the files are Unzipped into a folder within "JediAcademy\GameData\", but OpenJK gives a crash report when double-clicked and nothing appears in the Mods menu in base JKA. No other Mods are currently downloaded, and I've had "Movie Battles II" work perfectly fine before. Am I missing a part of the process?
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