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  1. Thanks Guys! i've started modding the heck out of my game, and I'll be looking into clans and Roleplay Group.
  2. I need help setting up JKA+. I feel like an idiot, but I’m not to great with setting up mods and stuff.
  3. I'm brand new to JK hub. I'm also new to modding. However, I'm far from being new to roleplaying. I'm a massive fan of both Star Wars and anime, having watched the OT and Prequels hundreds of times by now. I decided to base my character's looks off of Kishin Asura ( Pronounced Ashura) from Soul Eater. I'm hoping to make some new friends here, and hopefully learn some things along the way. So, if you have the time strike up a conversation with me---I try my best to be friendly. I'm easiest to reach on Discord (Gray #4129). I'm almost always free to chat. I have no idea where to start..
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