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  1. That's is a fine looking model! congrats dude!
  2. @@Kualan Honestly, I couldn't come up with any actor and actress to Sariss and Yun, just looked out for some lookalike Really enjoyed Jeffrey Wright as Qu Rahn!
  3. @@Grab Don't know, with todays practical effects and CGI anyone can be Desann. But I honestly would pick some tall good actor, something like Liev Schreiber, Paul Bettany, Idris Elba or even Michael B Jordan
  4. Imagine this: Let's say that Star Wars was never boughted by Disney but LucasFilms starts to make new Star Wars movies, just like they are doing. Continuing telling the Skywalker Saga and with some new "Anthology" movies (just like Rogue One and Solo). And they announce that the next movie will be based on the Star Wars Jedi Knight series of games. What are the actors you would chose to play those characters we know and love, such as: Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, Dessan, Tavion, Galak Fyar, Morgan Katarn, Jerec, Yun, Sariss... (I'm excluding non human like characters such as Desann) So I would ask you this: what would be your dream cast to those characters? Here is mine: Kyle - Michael Fassbender Jan - Tao Okamoto Tavion - Evangeline Lilly Galak - Aidan Gillen Morgan - Ian Mckellen Jerec - Iain Glen Yun - Joe Dempsie Sariss - Kristen Bell
  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the help, now my animation works properly as they should be!
  6. So, I've downloaded carcass v2.2 and it does compile my animation, but not fully. When I open ModView the model is all screwed up (take a look) The file I've downloaded doesn't have the root pose on -1, but i do export it anyway, is there anyway to setup the root pose manually?
  7. Hello! So, I've been following @@minilogoguy18 tutorial on making custom animations in Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 and everything works properly (except there is no root_pose at frame -1), but when I open up Assimilate I get the error 4588. I think there might be a problem with my Softimage Mod Tool since when I Try to export to dotXSI using textures I get an error "Function not implemented in Mod Tool version" Did any of you guys had the same problem and solved it somehow? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, sup? So, In the past month I have been working on my new model from TFU, this time was proxy... Modeling and Texturing was okay, here, take a look But when I tried to install on Jedi Academy I get this error: ~ RB_EndSurface() - SHADER_MAX_INDEXES hit ~ Can you help me how to solve this problem? If you wanna try it, here is the link http://www.mediafire.com/?sgjmryb0jbbo5gs
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