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  1. I want to reconnect with my old mapping roots~ gotta finish school though! I may try again sometime.

    1. TheWhitePhoenix


      Welcome back to the stage of Jedi Academy. :)

    2. Kylerocks


      You should if you can! I loved your XT maps and remember every one of them very well. Dance dance duel room? Tank? :D Even if they weren't the top of best looking maps around, they were really fun. I managed to nuke the city once in the JA version I think :)

  2. Hello! My name is MutantWasp. Formely I was known as MutantRuki waaaayy back when I was 13 or 14 and mapping for Jedi Knights 2: Jedi Outcast. I recently turned on my old pc and found all my old maps that I made for my clan. My clan back then was a JK2 1.02 clan called XT or Xtreme Team usually tagged as: (>XT<). As I played my old map I realized how much of a...teenager I was becoming. The whole map is full of references from Halo 3 and Guitar Hero. It was...for lack of better words, cringey. Yet, I still miss those 2008-09 days when all I wanted to do when I got home from school, was work on my maps for my clan. I also remember previous to my mapping days I always played on a custom map called Forest_House, made by Ook & lil_binger. I spend hours and hours playing this game and although I can miss those days, I am extremely happy to have experienced it. I still have the .pk3's for my maps and forest_house, and it felt like a huge nostalgia trip just walking through those in-game. Anyway, thank you for this excellent website JKhub. It's a literal preservation of my once past time when I was younger and it's very cool to see it still living strong and well~ Below is a snid-bit of the map I made...and the more better parts of it. It's a very dark map, I must've had my brightness on max or something when I was mapping it.
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