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  1. Hello, There is several security issues in your tutorial. First one : Never do that if you use a password for root login, you have to use a ssh key and restrict ip allowed to connect to your server. In your tutorial if you want to be root just connect as standard user and do : sudo -i and you will be root. If you need change the current user just do a : su username (it will prompt for password) Second one : NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER Do that. If you have permission troubles you have to think about : Who need access (users, groups) what kind of access (write, read, execute) on which file. example : home/me/my-dir -> my-exe -> my-conf-file you need (as user) the x perm for the exe so do : chmod u+x /home/me/my-dir/my-exe and the conf file should not be see or modify chmod o-rw /home/me/my-dir/my-conf-file In your tutorial this : should be : sudo chmod u+x linuxjampded openjk.i386 openjk_sp.i386 openjkded.i386 Some others improvement. If you need a new user. do a : sudo adduser nameOfuser It create the home, the group, etc
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