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  1. So called "emotional attachments" are a way for the multiplayer bots/characters to relate to each other and take sides with their loved ones and friends in FFA game mode, too, instead of attacking everything in sight like a mindless zombie.


    The problem is there has been great confusion as to how this all works. Due to a few key custom-made player models having this implemented with an error (and people habitually copying the faulty files), the result has been that many of today's newly released player models have non-working relationships implemented.


    So let's look into how it works a little bit. Open up your JKB (bot personality) file. In it you'll find a section like the following:


    Padme Amidala 3
    General Kenobi 3
    Yoda 2
    Plo Koon 2
    Notice that the bracket header says "EmotionalAttachments", not "EmotionalAttachment"! This single spelling error causes the entire relationships setup to fail, so pay attention to it in your JKB file. Make sure the header is plural.


    Inside the brackets we have two values, separated by a tab on each line.


    The first contains the user readable "name" of the character's BOT file (found in the "scripts" folder). This value can contain spaces, and it doesn't need to be wrapped in quotation marks in the JKB file like it is in the BOT file, but it must match what is in the user readable "name" setting of the other character's BOT file for it to work.


    The second value is a number from 1-3, representing the strength of the character's attachment to the other characters. The higher the stronger the attachment. Obviously 3 stands for loved ones and friends, 2 for acquaintances, and 1 for members of the same faction. You can probably tell by this that the example I've used above is from Anakin's personality file.


    Due to the default game's limitation, we can only have up to four character emotional attachments, so make them count. The four closest allies to your character should take place here, and to be practical, make sure that player models for those characters actually exist in the modding community.


    If you got all these details right, and match the bots' personality files, your allied character bots won't attack each other -- unless they hurt each other and interpret that as betrayal from the other character. Set it right and have fun watching your bots relate movie-like in FFA. ^_^

  2. spacer.png


    Please note that we have been granted permission by Richard to link to and/or host these tutorials.


    GtkRadiant can be downloaded here.

    The RichDiesal Mapping University / RichDiesal's JK2Radiant MapSource was regarded by many across the community as the best set of tutorials for beginners and advanced mappers to learn from. Some time in 2010 when Map-Craft went down, RichDiesal's tutorials went down along with it, but we managed to get our hands on a backup of the bulk of it. Rich never finished it, so a lot of links aren't there.

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  3. This tutorial attempts to explain in detail the console commands used to enable a realistic lightsaber combat simulation in your Jedi Academy game.


    Launch the game. In the main menu hold Shift on your keyboard and press the tilde key (~) to bring up the game console.


    Single-player game:


    Type the following into the console:

    helpusobi 1


    Press the Enter key on your keyboard to apply the new setting. This command allows us to make advanced changes to the game.


    Then, type the following command and press Enter:

    seta g_sabermorerealistic 2


    This command raises the damage level of a lightsaber to the point where it can cut apart an opponent as seen in the original Star Wars movie when Old Ben draws Luke's lightsaber in the bar scene.


    Next, type the following:

    seta g_dismemberment 3


    This command sets model dismemberment to the highest level. This means that any part of a person can be sliced clean off if a lightsaber kills them, be it their hands, feet, arms, legs, head, or torso (as seen in the final Darth Maul scene in The Phantom Menace).


    If you find neck and torso slicing not to your liking, you can type 2 instead of 3 for the value in this setting, and that will limit dismemberment to only hands, arms, legs, and feet.


    Next, we need to set the likelihood for dismemberment to occur. Type the following into the console:

    seta g_dismemberprobabilities 40


    If you'd like for it to happen every single time you kill an enemy in the game, set the value of this setting to 100 instead of 40.


    The following two settings should only be turned on if you have a computer that has enough strength to run the game smoothly.



    ​seta g_corpseRemovalTime 0


    This will force the game to keep the bodies of fallen enemies on the ground after they have been killed, and not remove them. (Some body parts will still be removed, unfortunately, but at least something of them remains.)



    seta broadsword 1


    This setting will turn the bodies of fallen characters from solid to limp, so that they appear more like real flesh and blood objects if they fall or if they are moved.


    And that's it; you're done for single-player game mode. As long as you keep your game saves/configuration, you don't need to type these commands in the console again.


    Multiplayer game:


    Type the following into the console:

    seta g_dismember 100


    Press Enter. This command enables the slicing off of body parts due to lightsaber blade damage in the game, but in itself it does not really amount to anything. We need to apply the following next:

    seta cg_dismember 2


    This command sets the value responsible for the dismemberment of characters to allow for the slicing off of hands, feet, arms, legs, head, and torso with a lightsaber.


    If you prefer it to be only arms and legs, you can swap the value 2 with 1 in the command.


    Finally, we should enable soft bodies, so that fallen characters do not appear as solid blocks, but as flesh and blood objects:

    seta broadsword 1


    And that completes the picture.


    Your multiplayer game is set for realistic lightsaber combat. Of course, when playing online these settings will depend on what the server you're playing on is configured to allow by its administrator, so it may not work on every occasion -- but it will work in solo game mode at least.


    Going back to the default settings:


    If you wish to revert back to the game's default lightsaber combat settings, bring up the console and make sure that advanced changes are enabled (see first steps above).


    Simply type "reset" and the name of the setting to be set back to default, like so:

    reset g_sabermorerealistic


    The game's engine will reset the value of that setting to its default. Repeat this for all the settings you've changed.


    Note: You can also type just the name of a setting to see its current value. This allows you to see what is currently in effect in your game.


    Quick setting/value reference:



    • g_sabermorerealistic //sharpness of lightsaber blade

    0 (normal), 1 (higher damage), 2 (cuts parts off when damage is fatal), 3 (even touching the blade kills instantly)

    • g_dismemberment //how much can get sliced off

    0 (nothing), 1 (hands, feet), 2 (hands, feet, arms, legs), 3 (hands, feet, arms, legs, head, torso)

    • g_dismemberprobabilities //how likely dismemberment is to happen

    0 to 100 (the number being the chance in percentage)

    • g_corpseRemovalTime //dead bodies' disappearance

    0 (leave bodies), 1 to 120 (the number seconds after which the bodies will disappear)

    • broadsword //soft bodies (rag-doll physics)

    0 (disabled), 1 (enabled), 2 (enabled and skips death animation)


    • g_dismember //disable/enable dismemberment

    0 (disabled), 100 (enabled)

    • cg_dismember //how much can get sliced off

    0 (nothing), 1 (hands, feet, arms, legs), 2 (hands, feet, arms, legs, head, torso)

    • broadsword //soft bodies (rag-doll physics)

    0 (disabled), 1 (enabled), 2 (enabled and skips death animation)

    Closing notes:


    Special thanks to Ent and Vulcan, without whose help I would not have gotten around to writing and completing this tutorial. I hope you all find it useful and handy for reference.

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