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  1. NpcSP

    NpcSP (1.1) is an incredibly detailed utility for JKA Singleplayer that allows the player to spawn, control, play as, or terminate any of base JKA's NPCs in real-time. The addon also allows you to edit your own character's preferences, such as team affiliation and whether other NPCs can target you. Using this tool, you can practically create your own missions and exciting combat scenarios. What will you do with NpcSP?
    Function Overview
    Over 100+ diverse NPCs available for selection Utility displays team affiliation in the description text (Red: Enemy, Yellow: Neutral, and Green: Friendly) The ability to collapse and expand NPC categories, for a cleaner screen The ability to toggle NPC freezing Notarget functionality for the player A "Kill all NPCs" button, for easy usage The ability to modify the player's team affiliation Select the likelihood of NPC surrender (Unlikely, Moderate, Likely) Set how long NPC corpses take to be removed Noclip, for quick access Display or hide NPC bounding boxes (just for fun) Spawn your own custom NPCs by adding them to the custom registry! You can add up to 12, but only the number you want will be listed. For instance, you could select '5' and only 5 entries would show in the menu, rather than a "this entry is not used" error!

    BETA: Toggle whether or not friendly NPCs (rebels, etc) follow the player (Please note: This feature only works on CURRENTLY spawned NPCs and will NOT affect duplicates of one NPC. This feature will be improved on for future releases) A random spawner (spawn a random NPC from a list of 50) A random Jedi spawner (spawn a random Jedi NPC from the list of SP species) A quick bind key to spawn multiple of your selected NPC on the fly PLEASE NOTE: The game WILL crash to the main menu if you load too many unique models. I think you are allowed 50 distinct playermodels before it will crash. Keep this in mind as you spawn. This will include the NPCs spawned on the SP missions as well. PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles kept in saved games will crash them!

    Playermodel Selection
    Clear Properties: This clears all force powers, weapons, and sabers of your player so when you select your desired playermodel, you will adopt all of their characteristics (avoids people like the stormtrooper from getting your inherited saber and force powers).

    Exit NPC option allows you to exit your controlled NPC at any time The NpcSP configuration menu stays open, allowing you to cycle through multiple NPCs PLEASE NOTE: This command will only select the oldest NPC (for instance, if you spawn 5 stormtroopers, you can only control the first one you spawned) PLEASE NOTE: The npc control code is rather bugged (can't really use force, and weapon selection and firing is really messed up) so use at your own risk!

    NPC Killing
    Kill NPCs by name

    About Saved Games:
    Please note that a lot of the commands and functionality of this utility are stored in short termed sequences, which are NOT saved with saved games. So, when you load a saved game, some of the commands and features may be mismatched. This is just the way the system works.

    Please uninstall all previous versions of NPCSP before attempting to install again.
    1. Extract "NpcSP_v1.1.zip" to your gamedata/base folder
    2. Edit "npcsp.cfg" with a basic text editor, such as notepad
    3. Replace the first [KEY] with a valid keyboard key (such as z, 4 F6, etc). This will be the key you use to open the configuration menu. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KEEP THE BRACKETS. Just use "bind blah blah x" NOT "bind blah blah [x]"
    4. Replace the second [KEY] with a valid keyboard key. This will be the key you use to quick spawn NPCs.
    5. Save your changes
    6. Boot up Single Player
    7. When ingame, open the console
    8. Type "exec npcsp" into the console and press ENTER
    9. NpcSP has now been booted. In order to open the command center, press the first key you set in npcsp.cfg
    10. (OPTIONAL) If you would like to add custom NPCs, navigate to gamedata/base/customNpcs/npcsp_custom_registry.cfg
    11. (OPTIONAL) Follow the instructions in the .cfg to enable custom NPC spawning
    12. (OPTIONAL) Follow the instructions on the respective customNpcs/npcsp_custom.npc files to complete the custom NPC entry
    You are free to use this utility to create any mission, artwork, or any other media WITHOUT crediting me (I'd love to see it, though! ) Please contact me if you wish to include this modification with your mod

    This is just v1.1. I hope to include an "advanced mode" in v2, which will give you the player A LOT more control over the NPCs themselves. I just wanted to get this out there because development had stalled a bit. Please let me know of any bugs ASAP so I can fix them!
    Version 2 Progress


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  2. CamSP

    CamSP is a powerful, versatile single player interface that allows the player to change their view preferences in real time.
    Settings include:
    Take Screenshot (Take a screenshot to screenshots/. Note: The screenshot will hide all ingame messages and the utility itself, to provide a High-Quality JPG, that has no text on it)
    Freeze NPCS (Freeze those pesky NPCS that may ruin your shot)
    Freeze Effects (Freeze all projectiles/effects in mid-air, for artistic purposes)
    Toggle Player Visibility (Show/Hide the playermodel)
    Draw HUD (Draw, or remove, the HUD)
    Camera Tracking Level (How fast the camera tracks the player: Default (Loose), Drop Camera (None), Lock Camera (Follows player tightly)
    Freedom of View (Adjust viewing area/tunnel vision effect)
    Range (Zoom in or out)
    Vertical Pan (Adjust the pitch)
    Horizontal Pan (Adjust the angle)
    Vertical Movement (Move the camera vertically)
    Horizontal Movement (Move the camera horizontally) *Please note: This feature is UNAVAILABLE due to SP limitations, unless "Camera Tracking" is set to "Lock Camera"

    Also, adjust the values of these various commands via slider, while a numeric counter outputs the current value. Reset the value with a click of a button.
    You can hide these values or reset buttons by using the "Hide Values" or "Hide Resets" on the top of the menu.
    1. Extract "CamSp.zip" to your gamedata/base folder
    2. Edit "camsp.cfg"
    3. Replace [KEY] with a valid keyboard key (like z, 4, F6, etc)
    4. Save changes
    5. Boot up Single Player
    6. When ingame, open the console
    7. Type "exec camsp" into the console and press ENTER
    8. CamSP has now been booted. In order to open the command center, press the key you set in camsp.cfg
    -You are free to use this in any artistic works you create, without crediting me
    -Please contact me if you wish to include this in any other modification


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  3. SP Character Chooser

    This mod replaces the character maker in JKA with a character chooser with 40+ options!
    What this mod does is this:
    1. Replaces the old SP character chooser
    2. Adds 40+ choices
    3. Organizes them by "faction" or group (ex: Empire, Sith, etc.)
    4. Provides a basic description for each choice
    5. Some choices have "Variants" or different versions of the player. (ex: Tavion has a JK3 version and a JK2 version)
    6. Please read the readme for more info
    Special thanks to Wookiepedia who helped me right my descriptions. Some, I just copied and pasted.


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